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RCBrust 05-18-05 06:17 PM

New York City Bicycle Show
Has anyone here been to the NYC Bike Show before? I'm wondering if it's worth going to. I'm particularly interested in seeing recumbents. Do the manufacturers offer test rides?


Ubie 05-20-05 06:44 PM

I just got back from the show (met up with Oboeguy) and it was a good time. I don't know if they have any left but free socks with admission when i showed up :)

They did have a couple of recumbents that i saw guys riding in the test area (bring a helmet). Also some tandems, a folding belt driven internal hub (sweet looking), some shafties and the usual suspects, Trek, Kestrel and the like.

Overall the show is pretty cool, but a touch small. I don't know the guy's name, but somebody (Jeff something?) was doing some insane urban assault type riding. I believe someone said he held the record for highest bunnyhop at 45"+. I watched him clear 44" without any trouble. Watching him pretty much goof off for 20mins was well worth the price of admission ($7 with coupon off of their website

Anyway, lots of advocacy groups had booths, TA, Times UP, 5BBC and a few others. Of course vendors selling cheap wares, 6pr socks for $20 that sort of thing.

There were also some pretty sweet chopper style bikes, a couple looked completely non-functional, but man, what a piece of art.

Overall a good experience, saw some pretty cool new products, but i don't really need anything, so i didn't buy anything.

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