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Darth_Firebolt 02-09-18 08:27 AM

It's not hard to read the 3 digit number on the lock, call Kuat, and get a replacement key mailed to you. If someone (or a group of someones) did that 4-16 times, they would have keys for every Kuat lock ever made. Our shop has every key, and it's a disgustingly small key ring. It's not as bad as GM vehicles back in the days of needing 2 keys (one for doors, one for ignition), but it's close.

Elvo 02-09-18 12:38 PM

Originally Posted by Lucillle (Post 20159804)
I am having a hitch installed. How much trouble is it just to remove the rack each time after use?

About 10 seconds of your time:

Juan Foote 02-09-18 12:42 PM

Having worked at a retailer that sold Kuat, I purchased one, cause they were so nice. While working there we realized fairly quickly that they only made a couple of keys for those, as we could commonly lock/unlock "new" ones pins with the keys we already had for ours.

I remove mine every time I come in from a ride. Kinda sucks, but coming out to find it gone would suck more. I really should have someone re-key it.

dieselgoat 02-09-18 07:23 PM

Only takes a few seconds with most racks.

Laurido92 02-09-18 08:08 PM

I have a Kuat NV and don't care for the locking pin. I think it's too thin and can probably be slid off without too much effort. I'm looking to get a more beefier locking pin.

Something like this

wgscott 02-09-18 08:22 PM

I have the new one. The same key controls the bike cable lock.

Lucillle 02-10-18 03:52 AM

Do you store the rack in your vehicle, in your garage, in your house?

Laurido92 02-10-18 06:19 AM

I keep mine installed unless I'm going to be out of town for a long period of time.

Lucillle 02-10-18 07:17 AM

I live in a large apartment complex, I think that if I do not take it off and store it, someone else might 'uninstall' it.

Homebrew01 02-10-18 08:49 AM

Originally Posted by T800CF (Post 19160465)
I always leave my rack in the hitch during the summer time. I just sold Saris Superclamp and bought Kuat NV. I don't know how bad Kuat lock is but looks like both locks are pretty similar. If someone really want to steal the rack, no matter what lock you use, it can be gone in seconds.

Good idea to remove & regrease once in a while to prevent rust bonding.

I had a ball hitch get permanently stuck in a previous car.

Laurido92 02-10-18 09:09 AM

Originally Posted by Lucillle (Post 20161645)
I live in a large apartment complex, I think that if I do not take it off and store it, someone else might 'uninstall' it.

Is the theft rate in your apartment complex that high? If it is, then you should consider moving. If you're assuming that just because you leave it on it'll get stolen then you will not live in peace.

As long as it's locked you should be ok.

I used to that after every ride and that got old really quick. I leave mine on all the time even when I travel and park at the airport the rack stays on. I'm more worried that someone will hit it than getting stolen.

Lucillle 02-10-18 09:28 AM

No Laurido I'm not going to move. Have you read this thread? It is ABOUT these racks being stolen. My first question which was answered was how long it takes to take off the rack, and Dieselgoat said a few seconds. That means if someone breaks the pin, it would only take them a few seconds after that to steal the rack.
I'm not getting a Kuat, I chose a Thule Classic 2, but thse are not inexpensive racks and I am not affluent enough to keep on replacing one while some thief has something I worked hard to buy.

CyberGolem 05-22-18 04:18 PM

A company called Forever Lock creates a lock of the same name. It has an ingenious key system, but they aren't offering locking pins—yet—for hitches. I've already reached out to let them know at least one person is interested in it. Anyway, this first video shows how the lock works :: (add url prefix here)

This second is about v2 and how they've already addressed some concerns about the first release (at least they're listeining) :: (add url prefix here)

If you're at all optimistic about it, please ping them as well. There will never be a perfect lock, but giving up and letting thieves win isn't an option for me. My thought is to make them work for it at the least ;)

Canker 05-22-18 10:40 PM

Who is picking locks on bikes? If I'm steeling crap I'm not going to spend the time to do that. I'm just going to bring a grinder and cut through the lock in 30 seconds or less.

Teamprovicycle 05-22-18 11:26 PM

End capitalism !!!

mstateglfr 05-24-18 09:28 PM

Im shocked there is a store solely for used bike racks

CyberGolem 05-28-18 07:50 AM

Originally Posted by Canker (Post 20355182)
Who is picking locks on bikes? If I'm steeling crap I'm not going to spend the time to do that. I'm just going to bring a grinder and cut through the lock in 30 seconds or less.

Thieves that know how to pick locks would be my guess. However, in your defense, most bike thieves aren't known for their intellectual capacity. Therefore, power tools and blunt force is common place.

No doubt that the most anyone can do is deter, since absolute prevention is a bit Utopian. I'm only pointing out this is a pretty cool lock.

PaulRivers 05-30-18 09:56 AM

I've never known anyone to have their car broken into if something stealable wasn't visible. Not saying it's never happened but it's safer odds. I also don't like to leave my rack on my car when not using it because of rust issues. I had a Saris "hold by the wheel" style rack that rusted so much I wasn't sure if it would hold up so I threw it out when a piece of it literally rusted off because I was leaving it outside on the car.

One thing I liked about the 1up rack, at least for the 1-3 bikes version, is that it folds up in half and would fit into your trunk:

I think this much cheaper $130 2 bike swagman hitch rack does as well:

eja_ bottecchia 07-01-19 06:31 AM

I know this is an old thread, but...

Last Saturday I returned from my ride only to find that someone had jacked my THULE T2 Pro XT rack.

It had been a very nice ride, from Ventura to Santa Barbara, some hills, some ocean and even a vintage car show in Carpinteria.

It sucked to get back to your car and find the rack gone, but at least they didnít break into the car itself.

The locking mechanism is rather flimsy and even a fifth grader, with a paper clip, can defeat it.

The KUATís hitch pin lock system seems to be a more secure option.

Gonna get me a Woody and not use a bike rack anymore. :D

burnthesheep 07-02-19 11:22 AM

As for folks stealing bike racks, I had seen a forum topic like this when looking for mine. I have the thread in locking hitch mount from Kuat I bought extra. I didn't like that or think that was enough, so I went to Lowes and bought a pre-made 6' long security cable. It's huge. I wrapped it through the hitch and around the rack in such a way you couldn't steal it without destroying it and making it worthless.

Also, the cable is long enough that you can loop it through the frames of the bikes on the rack at the same time.

I'd probably take bikes in to a hotel room if I stayed overnight somewhere, but this seems good for racking the bike after a group ride where you stick around for the food truck or a beer.

indyfabz 07-02-19 11:30 AM

Originally Posted by eja_ bottecchia (Post 21005400)
Gonna get me a Woody and not use a bike rack anymore. :

Family forum, pal! Reported! :D

burnthesheep 07-02-19 01:38 PM

Originally Posted by event horizon (Post 21008091)
Before you get too excited about your security cable, you might want to go back to Lowe's and this time head over to the hand tool aisle. Once there, you'll see what your local enterprising dirtbag will use to cut through your security cable like butter.

For enough jaw opening you'll need the kind that has 3 foot long handles and weighs about 25 lbs.

Yes, the cable is THAT big.

Before we get all "lockpickinglawyer" on this topic.......let's realize with enough time and determination that anything will get stolen.

trailangel 07-02-19 02:53 PM

Who puts a trailer hitch on a convertible Mercedes?

NomarsGirl 07-02-19 02:59 PM

Originally Posted by trailangel (Post 21008248)
Who puts a trailer hitch on a convertible Mercedes?

I have one on a convertible Volkswagen. I can understand it. If that's the car you want to take on weekend adventures, you want a rack that won't mark it up. I love my hitch mounted rack because it doesn't touch my car at all. And neither do the bikes. Getting to the ride is half the fun cruising down the highway with the top down and the bikes on the back.

eja_ bottecchia 07-07-19 06:53 PM

Originally Posted by indyfabz (Post 21007882)
Family forum, pal! Reported! :D

Good one! :thumb:

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