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eja_ bottecchia 07-07-19 06:58 PM

Originally Posted by trailangel (Post 21008248)
Who puts a trailer hitch on a convertible Mercedes?

To haul the sail boat the dealer gave me when my wife and I bought matching convertibles. :roflmao2:

J/K about the boat thing. I didn't want to use a trunk mount rack and a roof rack was, for obvious reasons, out of the question.

trailangel 07-08-19 02:41 AM


rm -rf 07-08-19 07:46 AM

I keep my Kuat Sherpa 2.0 rack in the garage. It's a really nice two bike rack, and only weighs 33 pounds. It's hanging on two hooks on the wall, and I can mount it on the car in less than a minute. I really like it. Bikes take 30 seconds to load or unload on the rack.

I have a piece of white tape on the arm that goes into the hitch receiver, so I can slide it in just far enough for the locking pin hole to line up. I stand between the bumper and the hitch and slide it in. Fast and easy.

Stolen overnight?

I always bring bikes into the motel at night. Now I have to worry about the rack being stolen!

Originally Posted by maddy13 (Post 19156827)
Hi All,

My super expensive Kuat NV was stolen off the back of my car in broad daylight right in front of my house in Portland today. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that there are a rash of robberies of Kuat racks, as well as a neighbor's Yakima hitch mount.

I called the local used bike rack store (ReRack) to give them a heads up to look out for it, and was told they have fielded 3 calls this week about stolen Kuats. I won't be replacing it, as it would apparently just be stolen again.

I was only gone for an hour at noon, and live in a high traffic area, so the locks must be very vulnerable for it to go unnoticed. Please lock your racks up in the house.

Did they cut the locking pin? My Kuat has this locking pin and now I wonder if a crowbar could pop the lock off the end of the pin.

Originally Posted by Laurido92 (Post 20161182)
I have a Kuat NV and don't care for the locking pin. I think it's too thin and can probably be slid off without too much effort. I'm looking to get a more beefier locking pin.

Something like this

All these locking hitch pins are likely vulnerable to bolt cutters. It doesn't look like they are thick enough to defeat a cutter.
I see that my 1 1/4 inch hitch pin is 3/8 inch thick, but the 2 inch hitch pins are 1/2 inch -- better.


Originally Posted by burnthesheep (Post 21007866)
As for folks stealing bike racks, I had seen a forum topic like this when looking for mine. I have the thread in locking hitch mount from Kuat I bought extra. I didn't like that or think that was enough, so I went to Lowes and bought a pre-made 6' long security cable. It's huge. I wrapped it through the hitch and around the rack in such a way you couldn't steal it without destroying it and making it worthless.

Also, the cable is long enough that you can loop it through the frames of the bikes on the rack at the same time.

I'd probably take bikes in to a hotel room if I stayed overnight somewhere, but this seems good for racking the bike after a group ride where you stick around for the food truck or a beer.

Any cable can be quietly cut with a good, sharp electrician's diagonal cutter, snipping a few strands at a time. My Kuat comes with a cable that locks into the rack. It's good for stopping grab-and-go thieves, that's about all.

Long chain
I may get a long case hardened chain if I want to leave bikes on the rack for a few hours. This site sells Abus hardened chains by the foot, with or without a cloth cover. I need 9 feet to go through both wheels of two bikes, and back to the hitch's hook loop -- that will be about 20 pounds of chain!

eja_ bottecchia 07-08-19 01:29 PM

Originally Posted by mtb_addict (Post 21016610)
I would never put a hitch on a sedan...because that can be used as an excuse to cancel your car's drivetrain warranty...because some people use the car to tow a small heavy trailer and that can damage the engine and transmission...and having a hitch is prema facia evidence against you in a warranty claim.

I doubt that a manufacturer could use the presence of a hitch receiver, standing alone and without more, as prima facie evidence to deny a warranty claim.

They could try but will not get very far with it.

eja_ bottecchia 07-08-19 01:32 PM

Originally Posted by mtb_addict (Post 21016629)
I think its a pita, especially if you ride alot or have a heavy rack. My mtb riding buddy leaves his rack on his truck all the time.

It is not all that hard to remove it and put it back on. The rack is heavy, but it can be managed,

Normally, however, I always leave it on...but it was stolen of course.

NomarsGirl 07-08-19 01:38 PM

Originally Posted by mtb_addict (Post 21016629)
I think its a pita, especially if you ride alot or have a heavy rack. My mtb riding buddy leaves his rack on his truck all the time.

I leave mine on all the time from March/April to about November. It went on early this year because I bought my new bike in March and I had to go pick it up from the LBS. My car is so low to the ground and it is so difficult to access the bolt that it really is a PITA to remove and re-install it.

I don't have an expensive rack though. It's an older Thule that I picked up on Craigslist.

RidingMatthew 07-09-19 12:00 PM

i had a receiver mount for carrying bikes on my Honda Civic for 4 days before it was totaled in a car accident. I want to add one to CRV that replaced it. I had one installed on my older Mazda6 Wagon but never towed anything with it. I have mini van for towing my utility trailer. I would really like to put a hitch mount

i have ran a cable lock through the bike frame, rack, and I think even the hook on the side of the receiver.

LV2TNDM 08-16-19 02:07 PM

Most trailer hitches have cutouts or loops you can connect a disk lock and security chain to. Use the OEM locking pin AND a security chain, disk lock and ulock to secure the hitch rack and bikes on the vehicle. Or replace the flimsy pin/lock combo with a large, high quality lock that will pass through the hitch mount. And if you're worried about losing the hitch, ask for special one-way bolts, or take a grinder to one or two of the bolts after installation and round them off. Thief won't be able to remove the hitch with rounded off bolts.

Sure, if a thief REALLY wants to steal your stuff, they will. But most thieves are lazy and opportunistic and will pass on your well-locked hitch rack and bikes.

sultanofsuede 09-09-19 07:47 AM

i've been studying bike racks the last couple weeks and this thread has been helpful.

one question, in regard to security and any other key features: anyone know what the big differences/benefits are between the kuat NV and the thule?

Dr.Lou 09-11-19 09:23 PM

Originally Posted by trailangel (Post 21008248)
Who puts a trailer hitch on a convertible Mercedes?

I believe his name is Fred...

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