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Dreww10 10-30-16 11:22 PM

Merlin to U.S. via UPS?
Anyone in the U.S. made any recent purchases from Merlin that shipped via UPS that's been hit with import duties? All of my previous orders there have gone Royal Mail to USPS and didn't get hit, but they're utilizing UPS on some or all orders now, and I feel as though I'd read somewhere previously that UPS shipments had been more apt to get taxed.

SpeshulEd 10-31-16 09:13 AM

I had no issue with Merlin, but got dinged once by Chain Reaction Cycles.

I think a lot of it depends on how much you spent and how big the items are. The Chain Reaction order was over $400 for me, which is why I think they looked into it.

gsa103 10-31-16 10:18 AM

The limit has been raised to $800, so it's pretty easy to stay under.

Dreww10 10-31-16 11:12 AM

Originally Posted by gsa103 (Post 19159535)
The limit has been raised to $800, so it's pretty easy to stay under.

I'm looking at a set of wheels, so it would be >$1000. I've bought a set of >$1000 wheels from them before, but that was via RoyalMail and USPS.

02Giant 10-31-16 03:40 PM

Maybe you could pay a minimal additional amount and have them ship the wheels seperately @ <$800 ea. :innocent:

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