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mconnelly 10-31-16 09:06 AM

bike maintenance
just bought a jamis renegade. First bike in a while, what is the best way to maintain it? do i clean after every use?

Phil_gretz 10-31-16 09:27 AM

Clean It? No...
The Renegade name covers a series of pretty decent disc-road frames with varying component levels at different price points. What year and specific model is yours?

Did you purchase it at a Jamis dealer? They'll be able to guide your maintenance routine.

Every three weeks or 300 miles, give the chain a light oiling and wipe. Once the indexed shifting becomes slightly mis-aligned, you'll experience a lack of crispness with a bit of noise. So, you'll need to learn how to adjust shift cables. It's pretty easy.

After a season, you'll need to look at your disc pads, but not before. If you ding a disc rotor, you might have to re-true it. This isn't very likely, though.

Ride it. If it gets covered in road schmutz, wipe it down.

Pretty simple, really...

canklecat 10-31-16 09:42 AM

Regarding cleaning for cosmetic purposes, it's really a personal thing. One of my group ride buddies is pretty meticulous about keeping his rides clean, and they look darned good. For the various Halloween rides the past week he's ridden a sleek looking Electra cruiser he bought for around $50, fixed up nicely and decorated with all sorts of lights and glowwinkies on the wheels and frame. Last night I told him he had the cleanest rear derailer I'd ever seen outside of a new bike in the shop. The red jockey wheel sparkled (I'm guessing anodized aluminum).

Me, I just worry about the moving parts. I might wash my bikes once a month, just a quick swipe with a bucket of water and Dawn out in the yard. I wouldn't even do that if the bikes didn't have to stay in my living room between rides. Right now my black and blue mountain bike looks gray from riding the dusty gravel trail yesterday. I'll clean it, but mostly I'm concerned about the chain and sprocket wear so I'll clean it.

ramzilla 10-31-16 01:47 PM

It really depends on what you're doing with it.

I blast my mountain bike with water from the hose. Let it dry in the sun and, spray a little oil here & there. Stick it in the garage.

My "house bike" (it's the cherry Centurion road bike I keep inside in the living room) gets a shot of furniture polish & a soft buffing.

fietsbob 10-31-16 03:02 PM

Picking up some Books on bike maintenance is a Good move.

likewater 10-31-16 03:11 PM

Google brand specific and general maintenance. You'll find everything you need. Youtube is good also.

If it were my bike I'd touch it up after every ride and do major stuff as recommended

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