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interceptor 05-22-05 12:30 PM

Don't to inflate tire,diff.type valve
I have a tire with the (forgot name)valve that sticks out. How do I inflate? I put the adapter on that came with my pump,screwed it on air going in. Does the end piece have to be out or in?

hi565 05-22-05 12:41 PM

here is the pics of the two different types of vavles:

which one is it? If it is presta then there is a little nut on the top and you ahve to loosen it then you are able to pump air into it. And once you are done pumping then close the nut. Also when you loosen the nut tap it to release some of the air (forgot specifically why)

phantomcow2 05-22-05 12:55 PM

So you have a presta valve but your trying to put on the Presta to Schrader adapter? Well usually the adapter has a knurled end, you want that end to be out. There will be threading on the outside of the adapter, this is the threading used for a valve cap

interceptor 05-22-05 01:07 PM

Its a Presta. I unscrewed it and put the adapter on but it is real hard to pump and tire not inflating.
Unscrew it all the way? a little??

interceptor 05-22-05 01:16 PM

My adapter is a cheap plastic one that came with a cheap bell pump...does that matter?

interceptor 05-22-05 01:41 PM

I got it ...thanks! I unscrewed the valve,it was stiff and I pressed down on it and it became loose.
I thought I broke it but when I tried to inflate it took the air!

DieselDan 05-22-05 08:46 PM

A presta valve uses air pressure to keep the valve closed.
A Scharder valve uses a spring mechinism to keep the valve closed.

77Univega 05-22-05 11:00 PM

...and the Bike Forums people come through again.

dhanraj_muthu 05-22-05 11:09 PM

thank you

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