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Kim818 11-07-16 10:25 AM

Help needed with identifying model of Tech bike
We are raising funds for local animal rescues in our area (Los angeles, ca). We were donated a bike to sell , and proceeds will go towards rescuing dogs, their medical bills, feed, etc. The bike says it's a Tech 3500. It also has a sticker on it that says custom aluminum on it. Also says Zanes cycles. I will post pics of gears, bike, etc. Please I don't know anything about bikes. Need help identifying model, etc, and possible value. How much to sell for. Thanks so much in advance. We really appreciate it. Having trouble posting the pics. It has shimano v breaks, 7 speed, shimano tourney, sis index, mega range, bontrager wheels, top swing sis, and Sr Suntour pedals.?

no1mad 11-07-16 02:32 PM

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You might want to double check that name again. I suspect that it should be "Trek" and not "Tech".

alcjphil 11-07-16 02:34 PM

2012 Trek 3500

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