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biker5421 05-22-05 05:07 PM

Going to buy a bike - please help advise!
Hi all - I've been trying to get in shape lately, but I keep getting stuck with a shin splint from the running route so thought I might be better off with a bike or at least having one so I can switch things up and cross train a bit. My question is though - is it a bad idea to buy a mountain bike if I only want to take it on trails occasionally? I would probably ride it on the streets for exercise most mornings. Also I'd like to ride with my dad, who is an avid road biker and generally goes for two-three hour rides. Will it be hard for me to keep up on a mountain bike (other than the fact that I am probably just slow to begin with)? Basically my question is whether it is a dumb idea to buy a mountain bike if I am primarily going to ride it just for exercise purposes on the street.


Surferbruce 05-22-05 05:19 PM

if you truly want to ride with your road bike buddies then a mountain bike is gonna be hard to keep up with.
do like i did and get a cyclocross bike. it's basically a road bike you can put knobbies on and take offroad. with road tires mine is zero deficit when riding on the road.
bianchi makes one called the Axis
theres also the Kona Jake the snake
the redline conquest
fuji cross
and cross models from Trek, Giant, Novara, and others. DO not let some shop employee show you a hybrid type bike and say it's a cross bike, two very different things.

Painisgood 05-22-05 06:08 PM

Just a warning-you may never go back to running. I was a runner till I got a road bike last August. Haven't been running since. You'll find there are muscles in your legs you never knew you had from jogging.

samp02 05-23-05 03:48 AM

Just make sure the new bike fits. Your dad sounds like someone that knows his bikes. Good Luck :D

MichaelW 05-23-05 04:21 AM

A cyclo-cross style bike is an excellent choice as an all-round general purpose useful bike, for training, commuting, utility and touring as well as some off-road riding. You can even race on it. Bianchi, Jamis, Surley, Kona + others all make excellent models.
Pick one that has threaded fittings for a luggage rack and fenders. High-end competition race bikes may lack these extra features. You can swap the knobbly CX tyres for a slicker road tread.
CX bikes are a bit of a niche product but becoming more popular. If the bike shop says Huh? find another one.

pj7 05-23-05 05:57 AM

I second the cyclecross bike! Unless you weight >300lbs like I do.
I have a mountain bike with thinner road tires on it. This weekend I went riding with my step-father who weighs about 195lbs and he was riding my Hybrid and he blew me away! This was the first time he'd been on a bike in 10 years or so and it was all I could do to keep up and I've been commuting for several months now.
If I was 275lbs or less I'd definately have a cyclecross, as it is now I do not trust 700c wheels and my weight / riding style / rough roads.

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