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fee 05-23-05 01:11 PM

Fat Cyclers
Yo people!

Im a big guy 130 kilo guy who used to be into recreational cycling, and still active playing football hacky sacking, tennis. After getting loads of mountain bikes and bending wheels and framwes got a bit fed up and left it. Wondering if they have bikes designed for big people. Im not exactly an off roader but treat my bike pretty rough and go for all dirt tracks i can. Not exactly carefull!!! Do you guys know any manufacturers or brands that dedicate themselves to making bikes for my kind?? Would really like to get back into cycling.
Any body help?

tahnks fee

MsMittens 05-23-05 01:13 PM

Kona Hoss

Kona Hoss Dee-Lux

'nuff said. ;)

fee 05-23-05 01:16 PM

i would buckle those wheels in 10 mins goping down my home steps. And if possible a liltlle cheaper

pj7 05-23-05 01:20 PM

I belive that no matter what you buy, you'll have to have the wheels rebuilt.
I've yet to seen a bike come fitted with wheels that can handle the abuse our larger bodies can put on them.

Marylandnewbie 05-23-05 02:33 PM

I second PJ7. After breaking 3 spokes on the stock rear wheel of my Fuji I finally had to by a new wheel with 36 triple cross spokes, a double walled rim, heavier gauge butted spokes and a new hub. I'm working on a second hundred miles on it and its fine, although you may find that you need something even sturdier.

We bigger riders are tough on rear wheels. You might want to check out a few LBS until you find one that has a few larger customers and take advantage of their experience. That was the case with my LBS that has a few large riders and as the weather improved found themselves trying to outfit wheels and frames for bigger guys. They were able to give me lots of ideas and advice until we settled on a wheel I could afford that they felt comfortable recommending.

Bikeophile 05-23-05 03:48 PM

Dude I am a 200lb'er and formerlly about 250lbs'er...I ride my own hand built 32hole wheels and have never had an issue with weight...I've ridden alum., carbon and steel frames...

Currently riding a Spicer Aliminum track frame and am building my own steel track frame. If you're really worried, perhaps going for a nicer 36hole (3 cross) wheelset with DT Double butted spokes would be a good option.

PM me if you like...I'd be happy to build you a set if you have no luck finding some at your Local LBS.

Roody 05-23-05 04:34 PM

I weigh between 230-250 lbs. I have ridden an old Specialized mountain bike with original rims for 18 months. I just had the front trued for the first time after pothole season and never broke a spoke. However, I do not ride down stairs!

TheMainer 05-23-05 04:52 PM

I was 330 pounds when I started riding again. I ride a Trek 1000, all stock.

slvoid 05-23-05 05:10 PM


Originally Posted by fee
i would buckle those wheels in 10 mins goping down my home steps. And if possible a liltlle cheaper

260+ lbs... stay off the stairs, on any bike.

dirtbikedude 05-23-05 05:50 PM

It seems it is not the frame but the wheels you are having problems with. You may just need to have some custom built wheels built for you but you will also have to make sure the spoke tension is tight before every ride and if they do go out of tru have them retrued before riding again.

You need to get a smoother riding style. I can hit multiple 6' to flat drops (on a ht even) and my wheels wont go out of true the least bit. I also weigh in at 130kg. Even when I was at 141kg I would never ruin a wheel unless I misjudged a stunt badly.


77Univega 05-24-05 12:14 AM


Originally Posted by fee
Do you guys know any manufacturers or brands that dedicate themselves to making bikes for my kind?? tahnks fee

--- Check and see what the Worksman brand has to offer.

PWRDbyTRD 05-24-05 12:41 AM

450lb here, and I've taken stairs without issue. I have a hand built 36h rhyno lite to XT Disc hub, rear wheel. Cost me 130 bucks from my local bike shop, but free truing if needed, and I haven't needed it yet. Phantomcow2 also built me a set of Deep V MTB wheels, they're Velocity Deep V to XT Disc hubs, 230 for the set of those. I used DT swiss champion 2.0 spokes. I love my wheels. As far my stock 32h ditch witch to Deore LX hubs, I was fixing them WEEKLY whether it be truing or replacing spokes.

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