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metomeya 05-23-05 02:33 PM

How do the key for u-locks work?
Okay so i'm going to buy my bike tomorrw, and i'm gonna be on a campus, so I'm gonna need a lock.

But i'm just wondering does the key that comes with the lock premade to work it and it only?

Also while I'm at it, which locks do you guys recommend? I heard that the kryptonite locks can be broken in with just a pen.

Bikeophile 05-23-05 04:08 PM

Old Krypto locks had that problem...but the new kryptos are fine....

and yes the key that comes with your lock works for your lock and your lock alone (just like the key to your house).

The biggest tip I could give you is DO NOT EVER lock your bike up outside overnight, campus or not...Put some hooks in the wall of your dorm and hang it on the wall if you are tight for space.

supcom 05-23-05 04:50 PM


Originally Posted by Bikeophile
...the key that comes with your lock works for your lock and your lock alone...

Well, not exactly. There are probably several thousand different key combinations for a given lock cylinder. The key for your lock will fit some other locks using the same cylinder. Of course, this means that there are other keys that will open your lock. The trick, of course, is that the chances of someone else's key working your lock is small enough that for all practical purposes, you have a unique key.[/QUOTE]

The same is true for your front door, your car, etc.

alanbikehouston 05-23-05 07:02 PM

The "best buy" U-locks are the flat-key mini locks from OnGuard and Kryptonite. Put the mini lock around the rear wheel next to the seat tube and lock it to a hefty steel post set in concrete. Your bike is not going anywhere.

You should secure the front wheel with a cable lock, or second mini U-lock.

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