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one4smoke 11-30-16 03:15 PM

Average annual miles?
On average, how many miles do you ride per year?

drlogik 11-30-16 03:19 PM

I shoot for 4,500 per year.

bikemig 11-30-16 03:19 PM

I'm happy if I ride north of 3,000 miles on my training rides; this excludes my commuting miles which average right around 25 miles a week. That puts me in the neighborhood of 4,000 miles plus a year.

PepeM 11-30-16 03:22 PM

400 watts.

tarwheel 11-30-16 03:22 PM

I have averaged just over 9,000 miles a year for the past five years, but this year I will only reach about 8,000 miles due to weather and various family issues.

BobbyG 11-30-16 03:26 PM

~3200, I mostly commute.

morfeeis 11-30-16 03:58 PM

i'm trying to reach 2k for my first year (started in June), next year i want to hit 3K.

bulldog1935 11-30-16 04:10 PM

about 6000

indyfabz 11-30-16 04:12 PM


wphamilton 11-30-16 04:20 PM

Originally Posted by indyfabz (Post 19223439)

Always makes me thing of a Portuguese lawyer for some reason. Do they ride bikes?

How many miles do I ride? the same 7.8 miles, each morning and afternoon, and portions of about 200 on the weekends.

Jim from Boston 11-30-16 04:33 PM

Originally Posted by one4smoke (Post 19223321)
On average, how many miles do you ride per year?

Originally Posted by indyfabz (Post 19223439)

Avagadro's number, in miles?

In reply to the OP's question, I recently posted:

Originally Posted by Wileyrat (Post 19212754)
…I can set a mileage goal for the year, and my computer will tell me if I hit it or not. I don't need a note thumbtacked to the wall to remember what my goal is.

Originally Posted by Jim from Boston (Post 19213054)
To each his own, but I’m a data wonk, and I find a graphic chart of my mileage-to-date to be a satisfying and effective motivator.

My annual goal as a busy professional and family man is 5000 road miles per year nearly entirely by commuting (no mountain biking), never attained. My current miles-to-date are at least 2700 miles (since some short trips are not recorded and some trips are estimates). For reference, I have considered a hard core cyclist (and one probably less encumbered) does 10,000 miles per year.

On my spread sheet, I have a field entitled “excuses,” most often working late, and a bout of plantar fasciitis this fall. :o

indyfabz 11-30-16 04:40 PM

Originally Posted by Jim from Boston (Post 19223481)
Avagadro's number, in miles?

I don't like to brag, but I am strong like that.

bbbean 11-30-16 04:57 PM

Originally Posted by one4smoke (Post 19223321)
On average, how many miles do you ride per year?

X * 0.621371 where X=average kilometers per year.

caloso 11-30-16 05:05 PM

Around 6000.

wphamilton 11-30-16 05:08 PM

Originally Posted by Jim from Boston (Post 19223481)
Avagadro's number, in miles?

Ah, Avogadro, Advogado that must be it. I get them mixed up.

FullGas 11-30-16 05:10 PM

in the last decade, annual mileages have ranged from 4500 - 7200.

for 2016, on track for ~6500...

Shimagnolo 11-30-16 05:13 PM

Average: 4073 miles/year
This year I've already done 4770, so I might be breaking 5000 for the first time.

genec 11-30-16 05:20 PM

Originally Posted by wphamilton (Post 19223550)
Ah, Avogadro, Advogado that must be it. I get them mixed up.

Avacado. ;)

ClydeTim 11-30-16 06:06 PM

Average about 4,000. Best year was 7,000+

wphamilton 11-30-16 06:15 PM

Originally Posted by genec (Post 19223566)
Avacado. ;)

Now that's weird. Green fruit, lawyers and moles.

Which got me wondering about something. Since we all ride through air and he rides through Avogadro's number or one mole of it, how far would that be if you took all of the air molecules in a mole and laid them out in a line, each just touching the next?

I calculated it out, but the number is so big that I'm not saying and I'm pretty sure that indyfabz is fibbing.

Moe Zhoost 11-30-16 06:30 PM

About 25,000 furlongs at an average speed of .35 furlongs per fortnight.

zonatandem 11-30-16 06:35 PM

At age 84 I am now down to riding +/- 4,000 miles annually.
Used to average 10,000 mile a year with the max being 13,000+.
Growin' older is not for sissies!
Pedal on!

OldTryGuy 11-30-16 06:46 PM

Holy guacamole Batman, we got Avogadro's Avocado dipping into theoretical biking distances

JanMM 11-30-16 06:55 PM

Averaging about 4,000 miles the last five years - probably will end up north of 4,500 this year.

rm -rf 11-30-16 07:17 PM

From the 2013 "Annual Pissing Contest" thread, so perhaps the higher mileage riders were more likely to report.
Here's the first 125 posts that mentioned their miles (or km*.62) and their feet (or meters*3.28). Reports of miles without feet are on the X axis.

I did this pretty quickly, so there may be a couple of bad data points.

There's more riders over 10,000 miles than I expected.

About 50 feet per mile over the whole season seems quite common. That's the 45 degree diagonal line from the 0,0 point. But the riders over 4,000 miles tend to be above that line, more like 60+ feet per mile.

The flattest territory award goes to fmy906, with 3,052 miles and 8,068 feet. Wow, 2.64 feet per mile! EDIT--he reports that 1100 feet of the 8000 were in one away ride!
Hilliest is robbyville, 3,546 and 284,311 feet. 80 feet per mile.
(The entry at about 2,500 miles with 325,000 feet is an error.)

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