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Bigbadjohn 01-03-17 07:38 PM

Thinking of buying this bike
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I saw this bike on Craig's List the size is perfect for me
I got my bike stolen about 6 weeks ago

I was wondering if it would be a good buy
It says derailleur is broken wondering what the cost would be to repair

dabac 01-03-17 11:08 PM

There's something odd there.
You can find a company called "Leader bikes" here:

But they only seem to make fixie/SS bikes. And the one you're looking at is undoubtedly geared. Rear wheels with external gears are wider than SS/FG wheels, so simply cramming one in isn't such a hot idea. But since the frame does have a cable stop for the rear derailer I'd guess the rear spacing is correct for the wheel used.
Can't tell from the pic if the derailer is actually broken or not.
However, I'm not seeing a derailer hanger. I suspect THAT is broken.
Doesn't have to be a showstopper, many frames come with replaceable hangers.
IMO a broken derailer hanger is more of a headache than a broken derailer, since there are so many different kinds. Finding the right one for a relatively rare bike can be tricky.
Derailers as such can cost anything between $25-200.
Another thing is that the bike has a seriously slammed stem. If you're not OK riding with the bars that low, you might have trouble getting them up to your required ride height.

If you think you're OK with the bar height, ask the seller for a clear pic of the right rear of the bike, showing the derailer mount.

And call the company that presumably made the bike, ask about derailer hanger and original retail price etc.

FrozenK 01-03-17 11:19 PM

Nothing odd, the model of the bike is visible (LD 720 TT) Google that model and you can see that it is an older model -most hits suggest it is from around 2008. It seems Leader has now switched to making singlespeed frames only.

I think $300 is steep for that bike given its age and condition (broken derailleur or hanger)

SkyDog75 01-04-17 12:05 AM

The bike is a Leader LD-720 TT. It was an entry level time trial style bike sold by Leader Bikes, whose web site dabac mentioned above. That frame does have a replaceable derailleur hanger, so the frame isn't necessarily garbage if the hanger's broken long as replacement hangers are available.

But when hangers break, you need to ask how and why. Did the derailleur get shifted or bent into the spokes? Is the derailleur damaged? Is the wheel damaged?

Even without the derailleur and/or hanger problem, I would've said you could probably do better for the price. With the damage, I'd probably avoid the bike entirely unless you really know what you're doing and get it marked down *substantially* from the asking price.

FBinNY 01-04-17 12:14 AM

Skipping the specifics, to which one can assign a value if he knows enough details.

However, consider --

Buying a fixer upper bike is like buying a fixer upper house. It can be a real bargain, but only if you understand what you're buying, what it will need, what that will cost, and have the skills and resources to do most of the work yourself. Otherwise your bargain can quickly turn into an expensive money pit.

The simple fact that you're here asking suggests that you lack the skills to bring this in at a reasonable cost, so I suggest you pass -- on general principles.

What you might do, is ask the seller what he'd want for it in ready to ride condition, then see if that's something you think you can work with.

VegasTriker 01-04-17 09:43 AM

Here is one review on the bike. Leader 720TT review by rjp7204 It was sold as a frame for $159 new so it is certainly entry level. Here's one built up as a multi-speed bike Leader 720 TT - Pedal Room. A replacement derailleur hangar should cost you about $20 if you know the proper one to buy. There are a lot of them to choose from. I'd look over the derailleur too because if you bend the hangar there is a good chance it damaged the derailleur as well. Once you know the brand and model of the RD you can look a price up online. Changing out those two parts isn't difficult.

The company is in business and located in San Diego. They should be able to give you the right number for the hangar you need. Contact info is here:

decentdrummer91 01-04-17 11:33 AM

You can get a much better, fully working bike for that price. Also, I don't like how that guy didn't even bother to clean the bike before he took photos. Shows how much (or little) he takes care of it

AlexCyclistRoch 01-04-17 05:02 PM

I might pay $100 for a bike like that, but no more than that.

Bigbadjohn 01-04-17 06:35 PM

Thank you for all the great advice

On balance, I am going to pass this bike $300 would be what it is worth in excellent condition it's only worth maybe $150 at most if that
if it was so easy to fix it would be done.
I have been looking for awhile and in desperation, you can buy anything

Kaze6 01-04-17 11:48 PM

Don't be in a hurry. Keep your eyes open, and you will find the bike you're looking for, at a decent price and in good condition.

FBinNY 01-04-17 11:59 PM

Originally Posted by Kaze6 (Post 19292324)
Don't be in a hurry. Keep your eyes open, and you will find the bike you're looking for, at a decent price and in good condition.

Murphy's Law dictates that you will NEVER find the right bike while you feel desperate. Take your time, decide to settle on whatever's decent and when that comes along buy it.

But, don't spend too much, because the other clause of Murphy's Law dictates that you'll stumble across the absolutely perfect bike after settling, so hang on to some cash.

Bigbadjohn 01-08-17 06:53 PM

Yes I agree $100 tops with all the unknowns
I am after another bike its $400 I think I can get it for $350
I love vintage steel bikes like my Bianche that was stolen
They do terrible things in Syria but I am all for chopping the hands off from bike thieves.

Eltell 01-25-17 04:22 PM

Always buy from LBS and get face to face bike help for the rest of ur life

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