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Drroots 01-03-17 10:33 PM

Trek Emonda ALR 5 or Giant Defy 2?
Hi all,

Will purchase a new bike soon but need your advise between 2 models; Trek Emonda ALR 5 or Giant Defy 2?

Thank you,

tedder987 01-10-17 06:05 AM

You may want to define what you want from your new ride... I have had a Defy 2 for 2 years and have ridden the emonda (bottom of the line CF version). My take is that the Defy has a more comfortable position and is much better at absorbing the bumps and road chatter. The Emonda is lighter and stiffer. So it depends what you want to do

Lots of climbing or town-line sprints? -> Emonda
Long rides or commuting -> Defy
Not sure -> figure it out before you spend $$

fietsbob 01-10-17 10:00 AM

Test ride them , then say what you perceive..

shafter 01-10-17 11:00 AM

Giant, out of pure bias from owning one

Maelochs 01-10-17 02:03 PM

Buy them both, and never worry you got the wrong one.

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