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chipguy1 01-08-17 01:07 PM

Frames and components
When an entry level bicycle is purchased does the higher end of the same model come with the same frame? Just wondering if a person pays $200. for an entry level and they move up to a $500. model in the same line are they paying $300. for better components and getting the same frame or would the $500. frame be the same as the $200. frame?
I hope my question makes sense.

bulldog1935 01-08-17 01:08 PM

Of course it depends on the maker, but if you look at bikes direct, all their bikes are a few basic frames, marked differently, and the cost differences are how they're outfitted.

JohnDThompson 01-08-17 01:40 PM

In some cases it may be the same frame with better components, in others it might be the same frame design with better or lighter tubing. It all depends.

dedhed 01-08-17 01:44 PM

Depends - for example the Trek FX line shows the same Alpha "Silver" frame for the 1 & 2, moving up to the 3 you get the butted "Gold" tubing. I'd be surprised though if the frame geometry was any different.

fietsbob 01-08-17 03:09 PM

Yea really cannot Generalize it .. You need to do your own homework.

Lazyass 01-08-17 03:18 PM

All you have to do is look at the specs for the different bikes. You'll see if it's the same frame or not.

CliffordK 01-08-17 03:56 PM

Different paint?

On vintage bikes, there used to be a ton of different tubing and finishing choices. Some might have light tubes for the main tubes, but heavy tubes for the rear triangle or fork on some models, and light all around on other models.

It is hard to say for sure, but it appears as if at least some low level and mid level bikes use the same frames. The Top/Elite frames may be subtly different.

Maelochs 01-09-17 01:05 AM

From what I have seen quite a few manufacturers offer an upgraded frameset (same geometry) in a single product line. Trek is mentioned above, and Giant's Defy came and the Contend comes with two levels of frame ... others seem to do the same.

Good thing is, if they are selling you something better, they manufacturers will most certainly point i tout in their sales literature, to justify the higher price.

CliffordK 01-09-17 01:14 AM

Often if they sell one bike with 4 levels, say Tiagra/105/Ultegra/Dura Ace.

Price 105 = Price Tiagra + Full (cheap) retail price of 105 Groupset.
Price Ultegra = Price 105 + Full (cheap) retail price of Ultegra Groupset.
Price Dura Ace = Price Ultegra + Full (cheap) retail price of Dura Ace Groupset.

So... prices go up quickly. And to get the Ultegra level, it may appear as if one should buy the Tiagra bike, + buy a European groupset + sell the former Tiagra groupset as a "new pull".

That doesn't include taking shortcuts in groupsets, like adding some cheaper crankset. Also, wheels and other components could be different between the different pricing levels. Are you adding your own wheels?

Special accommodation for Electronics or Hydraulics?

Specs are sometimes ambiguous. For example, weight is not always published, and often one must hunt for weights. Different carbon weaves? Different finish quality?

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