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clfjmpr44 05-25-05 01:11 PM

Specialized Wedlock...Bic-able?
Have a 6-year old Specialized Wedlock bike lock (erector set looking foldable lock) with cylindrical key. I have read reviews that say it is unpickable with a bic and I have tried myself to no avail. Has anyone picked the Wedlock? Is it possible that there is a cylindrical lock that is immune. Any help, personal experiences or articles seen would be great.

DieselDan 05-25-05 02:30 PM

I helped my LBS owner, and Specialized dealer, try to pick one with a Bic, but were unsuccessful. The cylinder was the wrong diameter (right diameter?) for a bic to pick the lock.

robo 05-25-05 03:31 PM

Hmm.. was the cylinder too large a diameter for the bic pen? I found that my Kryptonite Evolution's cylinder _seemed_ too large to get the bic tube into, but that lock is considered pickable.

Maybe contact Specialized? They should know.

alanbikehouston 05-25-05 08:50 PM

The "BIC" technique will work on ANY round key lock, if the crook finds or makes a cylinder with the correct diameter and degree of "softness". But, here on Planet Earth, there is not a single documented, proven case of a bike being stolen using the BIC technique.

Why not? Because the majority of bikes in a given neighborhood are not really locked at all. The owner uses cable locks, or locks such as the Wedlock, that can be opened in a few seconds, using portable manual tools. Why bother carrying around ten or fifteen pens and fumbling around for an hour to find the one that matches a given lock? Crooks are dumb, but not that dumb.

Locks worth owning are those that have earned a "Gold" or "Silver" rating at the "Sold Secure" Insurance Institute by surviving real world attacks using the techniques crooks actually used. The list of approved locks does NOT include the Wedlock.

Spend $30 for an OnGuard U-lock, and use your wedlock for locking your front wheel, or as a second lock.

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