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tomtomtom123 01-21-17 08:31 PM

Shorts with thick rear, thin middle to front? e.g. Santini C3
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I'm searching for comfortable shorts for long bicycle tours. (bibs maybe also ok)
I have problems with standard chamois designs that have thick middle and front padding, which add uncomfortable pressure to my groin. I also find the fronts too tight and prefer something with more "pocket" space, and a more relaxed fit.
Any recommendations?

I've found that the Santini C3 chamois works well for me. (see attached image) The rear has thick top layer. The mid layer stops right at the mid point between the thighs, before the groin. And only the bottom base layer remains from mid to front, which keeps it thin and flexible. I've tried the Sleek Plus bibs model (the only affordable model I could find with the C3 chamois) and it was alright except it had a bit too much compression.

Does anyone know of other brands or models with a similar chamois design, but with more front space, and a relaxed fit with less compression? -Thanks

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