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dzidektancerz 01-27-17 01:52 PM

First serious Bike and.. I get some crap ?
Hi all. Because Im a bit amateur with bike standard Im afraid I become victim of cheating from bike seller in local shop. Or maybe Im a bit paranoid so please help me advice what should I do.
I bought my first bran new bike in my life which is Gt aggressor expert. And so many thinks are wrong.

1. Suspension after swich for the most soft level - they still pretty rigid. The only works when you from the top on bike press as much as you can. When I brought back bike after few days he confirm that they really hard and he told me he will check what he can do. But the next day he give me some excuses that I need to work on them a bit and later they should be softer. So what you think about this, are you agree ?

2.Front breaks are to tight. In effect front wheel stopping a bit. Shop seller saying that pads are new so that way they are to fat and after work on them shoud be fine. This part making sense for me.

3. The most issue is frame size. The shop worker advise me to take large size of bike. After few miles of riding I realize that distance between siting and steering is to looong.

I wish to talk with manager about exchange but he never in shop. And he past the massage to shop seller with dealing with me is he cant make exchange because it is now second hand bike! Whell.. Im happy to keep old tires and even pay him for new chain. I should collect my bike tomorrow from the shop. But I really dont want to do this. I same bike but medium size and I not sure how to deal with them any more.

What you thing about suspension ? Those he saying true ? Please post me some advise as soon as possible cause tomorrow Id like to catch manager and speak with him no matter how long I will be waiting for him in the shop ;)

hcgaloi 01-27-17 05:17 PM

I bought a new bike last October, and ran into several noise issues. LBS couldn't fix them after multiple attempts until 30-day return policy expired.

I hated every moment riding the thing until I sought help in Bicycle Mechanics room. Some members suggested going to different shops for service. Anyway, I found an independent mechanic and explained the situation. He recommended a tune-up, and if it didn't fix the problems, I wouldn't have to pay. Anyway, I let him fix it, and the result was amazing. I felt like it was a totally different bike and now I can enjoy every ride on it.

Good luck with your bike....

VegasTriker 01-27-17 06:57 PM

Disc brfakes should not rub.
If this is the bike you bought, 2017 GT Agressor Expert Aggressor Expert - 2017, it has Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. The shop owner or mechanic is WRONG when he said that brakes should rub when new. He obviously doesn't know how to adjust the brakes so the pads are parallel to the discs and there is an open space about equal to that of a credit card between the pad and disc. It's fairly simple but I suggest looking online to see a tutorial on how to do it right. Having the brakes rubbing makes it harder to pedal.

Many of us tell prospective bike buyers to buy a bike with a rigid fork because the entry level suspensions are pretty much useless. Seems like you found that out the hard way. This bike is entry level. Most of the prices I see online are around $500. If the store owner sold you the wrong frame size because that was what he had in stock it is even worse.

rumrunn6 01-27-17 07:16 PM

do you have a consumer advocacy groups in your country such better business bureau or an attorney general's office or a consumer protection agency? for example here you can file a complaint and use it as a bargaining chip

TimothyH 01-27-17 08:26 PM

Originally Posted by dzidektancerz (Post 19340419)
2.Front breaks are to tight. In effect front wheel stopping a bit. Shop seller saying that pads are new so that way they are to fat and after work on them shoud be fine. This part making sense for me.

No. This isn't right. Whomever told you this is not correct.

When the brake lever is not squeezed then the pads should not touch the wheels. The wheels should not stop when you are not applying the brakes.

The brakes need adjustment or the wheel needs to be trued.

Originally Posted by dzidektancerz (Post 19340419)
3. The most issue is frame size. The shop worker advise me to take large size of bike. After few miles of riding I realize that distance between siting and steering is to looong.

You may be able to slide the saddle forward and get a shorter stem but if the frame is too big then you need a different bike. I would try to return it.


Phloom 01-27-17 08:45 PM

Just bought a new bike, no problemo. Putting it together all my self.

MikeinFL 01-27-17 08:58 PM

first time you buy a bike you are very lucky if you get everything right imo

dzidektancerz 01-27-17 11:07 PM

Oks.. So you saying the open suspension usually are shouldn't be suprise of pool quality ?
Ofkors I wil trying return but manager are not willing to do that for me or even fix the bike. I will try find some organization, which help customers. Im sick of doing this, but if manager are dont want to sort out this in good nice way..
Many thanks for share professionals experience ;)

rumrunn6 01-28-17 07:36 AM

other option is to sell it for a $ loss and buy another bike from another shop & move on with your life. some lessons are hard to learn but biking should be pure joy, if this experience is not that please find a way to move on & find serenity

indyfabz 01-28-17 08:17 AM

Whatever happened with your "sexual problems"?

Sy Reene 01-28-17 08:34 AM

with OP's written language accent, I think his username translates to exotic dancers. I could be wrong though..

dzidektancerz 01-28-17 01:15 PM

I just back from the shop. the Manager convince me that Large Bike is accurate for me if We taking about high from pedal to seat. Only issue is to long tob tube. But he find some solution which is change for shorter stem. Saddle I already move to front.. pretty far. Hoover I still prefer medium bike which is later, better for jumping, maneuvering and control. Well.. maybe I will used tbo it. Front while he will calibrate, but I will lose free service which coming in one moth time.
About suspension it was the hardest part for discuss with him. He try to bullsit to me that the not to hard, just fine.
All the time he explained to me 23423 times how to set up soft, medium hard and other basic things. When I ask him for compare amortization pressure which others bikes, We reach to others and I start pressure, definitely I notes huge different. So he set that is because the are different model of forks. But We try cheaper one ;) So I ask him to compare similar model or same kind of forks. He reply to check this We need to building one heh :) So I seet that you have same model of bike but medium (It was on the front shop window) So We reach to this bike and I starting checking pressure. Forks easy come down. The ugly-est part of his 15 minutes confrontation it was when he didn't want to agree that here is a different between forks from my bike and that medium size. He even call me that I'm insane, and mad!. So i set maybe We both mad so I ask his worker for check if is any diffrent. He notes this but he didnt want to stay against his Boss so he just set it is little bit ;) Finally he said that he will swap for me those forks fro medium size bike.
So Front while, new shorter stem and swap forks. Bike will be ready Monday Thursday :) Im kind of glad

indyfabz 01-28-17 02:22 PM

Originally Posted by Sy Reene (Post 19341931)
with OP's written language accent

The easily fooled should take note of the above.

Thanks. I was thinking of a good way to describe the ruse.

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