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Newbie needs advice

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Newbie needs advice

Hello all me and wife want a good cardio workout and want to avoid the dreaded gym. I am stick but my wife is at 230 and wants to get down to 150 when we first met. We have started the dieting but are stuck on what type of bike to start off with. Can anyone give me some advice of the types of bikes and what would be a good starter bike for weight loss and then we would move onward to the more professional bikes. Thank you everyone.
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For weight loss, what/how much you eat is a lot more important than what you do.
It's near impossible to exercise hard and long enough to lose weight through exercise unless your eating is under control.

A single cupcake outside your calorie budget can take the best part of one hour to burn off.

Regarding exercise, how long and how hard you go at it is more important than what you do. All activities that get you equally sweaty and winded for the same amount of time will burn near enough the same amount of calories.
As for what bikes to get, that depends on what kind of riding you want to do.
Road bikes are good for road riding.
But not all are immediately - If ever - happy with the hunched over riding position.
MTBs come in a wide variety of flavors.
If off-road is your thing I'd recommend MTB XC - cross-country - if calorie burn is of main interest.
Those tend to be best suited for long rides.
A solid, mid-field option is a hybrid.
Will do road well enough to later become the "bad weather bike". Or grocery getter, or backup bike.
Will do easy trails if nature is your thing.

Don't bother much about brand. Bike industry is very homogenous. Similar money will buy you similarly good bikes regardless of the logo on the frames.
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For weight loss pretty much exclusively the right bike is one your wife will ride. Any kind of bike from a Huffy beach cruiser to a carbon-fiber Wunderbike with electronic shifting which costs more than a small car ... The bike only helps is if it is ridden.

Weight of the bike makes no difference, style of bike really doesn't matter. all you and your wife need is an enjoyable way to burn calories. So she needs to love riding her bike.

First determine if you will primarily ride streets or paths. I am assuming you won't be starting off with hardcore mountain-biking trails, so probably you will be riding smooth packed earth, gravel, or pavement ... a bike with wider tires will be more comfortable as a rule on any surface---takes more work to go fast, but work is what you are there for.

I would avoid suspension unless you will be riding trails with a lot of roots and exposed rocks---which I would suggest you avoid.

Depending on how handy your wife is, you might be best off getting the simplest bike you can---not everyone takes to the idea of shifting gears, even though it is really easy, and would be something she would want after the first few weeks. If you get as bike with gears, start her off just shifting in back if she does not take to shifting right away. Riding mostly in the small ring will be fine.

For someone who might not feel comfortable bent over on a drop-bar road bike ... I'd suggest anything with a more upright riding position.

I pretty much always suggest this: Nashbar Flat Bar Road Bike but depending, you might need to get a taller stem and swept-back bars. You might also look at bikes with wider tires ... 37 mm or more.

Probably the best bet is to make sure she is there when you buy the bike, so she is on board from the start. Better to buy a pink beach cruiser with balloon tires which weighs 55 pounds, is single speed with a coaster brake, than buy a bike which you know is right but she won't ride.
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