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lotek 07-01-02 08:55 AM

Tour de Donut
My wife sent me this today
She thinks we ought to do this one.
Tour de Donut
I think they ought to rename it the
Krispy Kreme One Hundred


bac 07-01-02 08:59 AM

"...for EACH donut eaten and recorded, the rider is awarded a five (5) minute time credit."

Now that is MY kind of race!!!! :D

RonH 07-01-02 09:17 AM

Don't let Fubar see this thread. He'll be the first to sign up. ;)

Sorry Matt, couldn't resist it. :D

deliriou5 07-01-02 09:28 AM

i wonder if it's possible for one person to win both the most donuts eaten AND the fastest time awards. LOL.... sounds like a very interesting challenge

bugsyonebike 07-01-02 12:01 PM

Jan Ulrich would be a shoe in to win that one ! :D

Joe Gardner 07-01-02 12:13 PM

That is awesome! I would love to ride it :)

Fastest Adjusted Time - Men
1st Place Ed Reeves -0:23:36 (30 Donuts)
2nd Place Roy Wehling -0:08:01 (30 ...)
3rd Place Perry Nowak +0:45:25 (20 ...)

velocipedio 07-01-02 12:29 PM

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh............ donuts.........

fubar5 07-01-02 12:34 PM

KK!!!!! I actually haven't had one in months.
I was typing up a reply to this thread a second ago and the new Hospital cammonder came walking through, ha ha. Now he know what his summer employees (or at least one of them) are up to!

Dirtgrinder 07-01-02 12:52 PM

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Sounds like a win-win situation! Sign me up!:D

Spire 07-01-02 06:49 PM

Seems kind of counter-productive, but fun! Maybe you'll actually gain weight from riding. I think I would be eating a minimum of 8 doughnuts on such a race.

I gotta give the organizers credit for the great idea!

Bike Cop 07-02-02 05:54 PM

I anm sooooooo happy they finally made a ride for be and all my buddies. I gotta save up some money and go to this one year.

fubar5 07-03-02 06:27 AM

Heck, all you'd have to do is stop and eat a bunch of donuts and get a big time bonus!!

ljbike 07-03-02 07:09 AM

They don't even mention if Bill Nye is going to be racing! Guess I won't be making the trek out there to participate. Instead I'll race the loop here with THREE DunkinDonuts almost equally spaced so by the time I've burnt the calories from the first I'm at the second, where I can carbo-load again, and then refill at the third for the ardous ride home --with, of course, a 6 pack of sugary goodness picked up at the third to prevent withdrawal once I get off the bike.

This loop, by the way, is an excrutiatingly difficult flat 15 miles.

Rich 07-03-02 07:26 AM

I wonder if Cornal Saunders would be interested in sponsoring a KFC donut check point?

Shame the States is so far away! :(


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