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velocipedio 07-01-02 04:00 PM

5000 km!
I ticked past 5,000 km this year today. That's about 100 km on my MTB, 1,400 km on my cyclocross bike and 3,500 on my road bike. This does not count trainer km or commuting/utility km, since I don't have a speedo on my utility bike... and my commute is only 2.5 km each way. By my count, I'm on track for a 12,000-14,000 km year!

Today's ride was hard, fast and fun. 110.3 km with an average speed of 31 km/h. It was in the morning, so we missed most of the really brutal [hot] weather. Enrico, Eric the Human Scab, Poggibonsi and I raced out to Ile Perot, did the loop and, on our ride back through Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, met up with some of Enrico's old racing buddies, top Vet-A and Vet-B racers... one of whom was Dan the Sadist. We decided to join them around the Senneville Loop, where we met up with some more people, including some more racers, and had a very nice, very high-speed ride home.

Fortunately, there had been a stage race in Sutton this weekend, so the racers weren't planning on pushing it, so I had a thoroughly enjoyable, steady-fast ride... And I got my 5,000 km.

I am planning to celebrate this milestone as I always do, with a steak BBQ. Coincidentally, it's also Canada day, so we had a BBQ planned, anyway.

DnvrFox 07-01-02 04:49 PM

Congrats, Velocipedio. That is a terrific accomplishment. May you keep your wheels on the ground and the wind to your back!!

WorldIRC 07-01-02 05:59 PM

good job Velocipedio.

I just hit the 1000km mark for myself last week on my MTB. Before i got the roadie i road my MTB everywhere. This is since the middle of April.

Btw im in montreal in august, you anywhere near Cote-St Luc or in the STCUMable/metro area. Maybe we can meet up and can chill with my friend for a couple hours.

Spire 07-01-02 06:16 PM

Ooooh, Somebody has been doing a little research on our little public transit system. Slighly out date, as of January of this year when Montreal 'merged' all the municipalities, the STCUM became the STM :p :p :rolleyes:

Congrats Velocipedio, by my calculation, you have spent nearly 7% of your waking life accomplishing that feat.... That 1 minute in each 15 you are on your bike. That is either very heroic or very obsessive, or both.

velocipedio 07-01-02 06:31 PM

I dunno Spire...

I've done 5058.75 km in 202.69 hours [that's an average of 25 km/h, including climbing and 'cross rides]. Let's say I sleep 7 hours a night, on average, that would be 202.69 hours in the saddle for 3102.5 hours of waking time. That's 6.5% pf my waking time. In comparison, let's say I work 45 hours per week on average [more like 60 hours per week Jan-April], then I spend 38% of my waking time working. Not obsessive at all...

IRC... Are you sure you wanna be seen hanging with an old fud like me?

Spire 07-01-02 06:40 PM

I seem to have given you too much credit Velocipedio, I gave you an average speed of 27kph and hence a time of 185 hours to get that cycling in (perhaps I should re-evaluate your relative fuddiness), I also had you doing more sleep, 8.5 hours per night...

I guess the next step in efficency would be combining the two. How about holding class in a peleton? I'll drive the support car with the blackboard attached to it and the extra chalk.

WorldIRC 07-01-02 06:58 PM

lol velo dont matter. no one in mtl knows me sooo..

and spire i know about the megacity.. im in montreal every few months visitng a friend.. actually i was there in January and noticed that some busses and metro stations said STCUM and the others said STM. regardless of what its called it beats the TTC anyday. im 16 in october how old are you guys

Dirtgrinder 07-01-02 07:03 PM

Congrats Velocipedio! :beer: That's a lot of saddle time. I don't know my total but I do know it's nowhere near that.
So my question is, What time is the BBQ? :)

WorldIRC 07-01-02 07:32 PM


Originally posted by Dirtgrinder
So my question is, What time is the BBQ? :)


Spire 07-01-02 08:07 PM

I'm 21.

About the BBQ, if Velocipedio reveals a time and place, I think he will have more people there than he knows what to do with.

WorldIRC 07-01-02 08:23 PM

whats the problem, hes just gotta buy more food.

oh btw.. are you a crazy driver as well. lol.. im 15 cant legally drive yet. i still have had more quebec driving experience than ontario. 2 hours in january in montreal. i only got 1 hour here.

lotek 07-01-02 08:23 PM

BBQ? did I hear ya'll gonna have a lil ol BBQ?
how bout a nice Braivleiss? could I interest someone
in some Boerwurst? Biltong?
I'll bring the weber!

Velo, congrats on the 5k mark.

(uh that 5K as in 5000 kilometresnot 5 kilometres,
just had to make sure ya'll know I know metric,
ah, nevermind).


WoodyUpstate 07-02-02 08:07 AM


Congrats. Can't make the BBQ this time.

I'm still waiting for a report on your personal Mt. Un-pleasant time trial.


nathank 07-02-02 09:01 AM

congrats! you're ahead of me but not by much -- i think i've got about 4000km since January but i have to add up from the 4 bikes...

in riding time i might be right there with you though b/c most of my rec riding is off-road so my distances are less...

even so, your averages are higher - on my commuter i usually average between 21km/h and 23km/h... with the stops and all i can't seem to get much higher even if i try hard and ride well over 32km/h

p.s. i was in Montreal for 4 days in early June - my first visit - and i found it pretty cool. not AS many bikes as i expected (maybe i'm warped now living in Europe) but it seemed pretty cycle-friendly!

WorldIRC 07-02-02 09:29 AM

this summer i went to quebec city. the cheapest bike i saw was 1500bux and i saw about 200 bikes there. they dont buy cheap

Spire 07-02-02 11:07 AM


Originally posted by WoodyUpstate

I'm still waiting for a report on your personal Mt. Un-pleasant time trial.

Mount-Pleasant is such a misnomer.

How high up does the Time trail go? till what intersection?

FROryder 07-02-02 05:46 PM

Don't rub it in;)

velocipedio 07-03-02 01:05 PM


Originally posted by Spire
How high up does the Time trail go? till what intersection?
It starts at the speed bump just above Sherbrooke and goes all the way to the top, continuing up Belvedere from the Boulevard, and ending at Summit Circle [1,800 m]. My personal best time from the bump to the summit is 6:42. My goal is to get it below, or at least near, six minutes this summer. In the last couple of weeks, I've done it it 6:51 and 6:45. I'm told that there are some people who've done it in less than five.

Spire 07-03-02 01:21 PM


Originally posted by velocipedio
I've done it it 6:51 and 6:45. I'm told that there are some people who've done it in less than five.
Sounds like a worthy goal. I'm sure that I am not even close to that at the moment.

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