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madman91 05-31-05 05:45 PM

I have a specialized hardrock pro 2003 that i bought off of ebay for 300$ since february 05.(was this a rip off?)

I have ridden this bike for atleast 4-5 times a week since then and just now realized that i do not know much or any amount about my bike. The questions im going to ask are going to be newbish but bear with me.

everything listed below followed with a ? is something i dont know
for example
fork- titanium fused capless threadless?
i know what a fork is but not the description
if fork were followed by a ? then please explain that too.

The question are based off of here

frame- replaceable derailleur hanger?

headset?-Threadless 1 1/8" sealed loose ball with alloy cap?


FRONT DERAILLEUR?-Shimano Acera, 31.8mm clamp, bottom pull?

rear derailleur?



BOTTOM BRACKET?-TruVativ BB-02-SQ-XR, square taper, 68mm shell, 113mm spindle, sealed cartridge?

FRONT HUB-? Joy-Tech, disc, 32 hole, ground race double sealed loose ball ?

REAR HUB-? Joy-Tech, disc, freehub, 32 hole, ground race double sealed loose ball ?

Thank you for even getting this far.

I would really appreciate any help you would give.

Thanks in advance

p.s. live in glenview,il (suburbs of chicago)

bennyk 05-31-05 06:15 PM

start here:


oaxacarider 05-31-05 06:32 PM

get on your bike, go to the nearest library (ed burke has some good books that might help you out) or do a web search. heres is a couple i found

madman91 05-31-05 07:47 PM

wow not even an hour later a response...

Thanks for the help really appreciate it, i think im going to like it here

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