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ginger green 05-31-05 06:32 PM

Bike Compass?
Iwas wondering if this is a common device - I'm having trouble figuring out how I can put together more and more miles on my bike - all I have is either highways (no thanks) or country roads. Is this a common tool for cyclists?


paintballdude 05-31-05 07:17 PM

I have one...but it doesn't work very well so I just put it on my old bike....Its probley a lot more useful if you are camping or what not...with your bike....but u might as well just get a regular compass.

2manybikes 05-31-05 07:39 PM

You need to get away from a steel bike to get a good reading.

Bruce Rosar 05-31-05 08:01 PM


Originally Posted by ginger green
Is this a common tool for cyclists?

I find the Suunto Clipper Compass useful. Mine is clipped onto my watchband, which I rotate so that the compass is on top of my wrist.

Bruce Rosar
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MichaelW 06-01-05 03:26 AM

In some conditions it is essential. I have used a map and compass to navigate country lanes at night, mountain tracks in fog, even in the city on an overcast, cloudy day.
I always carry a button compass in my repair/first-aid/useful kit.

onbike 1939 06-01-05 04:56 AM

I find this is more useful in cities (especially French cities) where the signing is erratic. The ones which fix to the bike are thrown out re north (reading NNE) but I carry a button one around my neck when touring.

edp773 06-01-05 09:13 AM

One could consider an inexpensive GPS with a handlebar mount.

manual_overide 06-01-05 09:32 AM

This should be a feature built into cycle computers

onbike 1939 06-01-05 10:23 AM


Originally Posted by edp773
One could consider an inexpensive GPS with a handlebar mount.

Nope--too much time to program and then you have the problem of keeping the battery charged. Maps do contain a lot of info and with no maintenence.

edp773 06-01-05 04:55 PM

Sorry onbike 1939, the suggestion was not meant for you or long tours. Ginger green was looking for a bike compass. A bottom line GPS, like etrex, has a built in compass without the problem of being near a metal bike.

Joeagain 06-01-05 06:20 PM

jeff-o 06-01-05 06:57 PM

What's this compass device you speak of? That's old tech. I suggest GPS as well. You can wander wherever you like, then use the GPS unit's retrace feature to find your way home!

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