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mwalsh5757 05-12-17 05:54 PM

Show me your riser handlebars!
Bonus points for both brand and specs (stem size, length, rise, and sweep). I'll start:

Wald 808 chromed steel (not a current model). 25.4mm stem, 660mm long, 50mm rise, 5 degrees of sweep.

blue192 05-12-17 06:31 PM

Mine is an 80mm rise and chrome plated...

1Coopgt 05-12-17 08:28 PM

Originally Posted by blue192 (Post 19579444)
Mine is an 80mm rise and chrome plated...

I think you need to take a closer picture. Still can't tell what we are looking at .:roflmao2::roflmao2:

canklecat 05-12-17 10:23 PM

Riser bar swiped from my Globe Carmel comfort hybrid. The original flat bar (actually slightly arced) on this Univega was too low and far forward for me at the time. The riser bar added just enough height and reduced reach just slightly to make it much more enjoyable for longer rides. I've ridden it this way since last September. Every time I'm tempted to try a lower flat arced bar or albatross bars, I ride this bike again and think, nah, it's perfect as-is. Get a different bike instead.

Globe's specs for the riser bar say: 25.4mm diameter, 40mm rise (1-9/16"), 620mm wide (a bit too wide for my taste), 15 degree back sweep, 5 degree rise.

With riser bar...

With original flat bar...

Here's the Globe Carmel with the flat bar swapped from the Univega. Much better now. Increased the reach just a bit and lowered the bar just enough to improve pedaling efficiency while it's still a cushy comfortable ride. When this photo was taken the slight arc was aimed forward, away from the saddle. After falling and crunching my ribs in February I rotated the arc back toward me for comfort, but need to put it back where it was for better efficiency. You wouldn't think that slight arc would matter but it does.

Globe Carmel with the original riser bar in original position. I rode it this way for almost a year before I was physically ready for a more challenging and efficient ride (old back and neck injury with permanent C2 damage)...

I flipped the riser bar on the Globe for awhile. The reach and height were fine but the downward angle was hard on my wrists...

Doctor Morbius 05-13-17 03:15 AM

Sweep, rise, stem info, all unknown. This was taken during a complete down to the frame overhaul. The LX shifter pods are an upgrade.

blakcloud 05-13-17 05:40 AM

Tioga 60 mm riser on my Brompton

Nitto Albatross 50 mm rise, 555 mm wide on my Rivendell

FSA Metropolis 32 mm rise, 620 mm width, on my Trek Portland (now gone).

MAP/Ahearne bar 25 mm rise, 610mm width. For a future bike. (Top silver bar)

linberl 05-13-17 11:16 AM All rounder bars...490mm (nice and narrow). I don't use the rise much, more the sweep which I angle down. 65mm rise.

TenSpeedV2 05-13-17 01:40 PM

Cinelli Pepper in what I am told is a hard to find color setup with the colored stars on one side.

SquidPuppet 05-15-17 12:35 AM

Husky Industrial 351-210.

610mm wide, 115mm rise, a LOT of sweep, Kalloy stem, 25.4 clamp, 100mm extension, 28 degrees, Kraton 1970s glitter grips, Brooks tape.

$65 tape on $10.86 bars. :p:p:p

Semipedersen 05-15-17 04:51 AM

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I have an Ergotec riser bar mounted the wrong way around.

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