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christian_piper 05-31-05 08:34 PM

HELP- 11i bike computer
I was given a trek 11i computer as a gift. However, its wires are way too short, and the cadence sensor needs about a foot more wire- what do I do? Thanks!

kim79 05-31-05 09:22 PM

Hey - I have a Trek 11i computer too! I think it's great, with the nice big screen.

Anyway, I had lots of extra wire with mine. I have a 15" hybrid, so maybe my frame is much smaller than yours. Do you have a huge frame? You're setting it up with the speed sensor (long wire) on the chainstay (at the back wheel), and the cadence sensor (short wire) going to the crank, right?

I found the instruction manual that came with the computer to be useless, but I did find this manual on the trek website:
It's much more useful!

Good luck! I hope you can get it to work - I think it's a great computer.

christian_piper 06-01-05 08:19 PM

Boy, that made me feel STUPID! ,The instructions showed the wheel sensor on the front- I dont know why I didnt try the rear....................


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