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jeff williams 06-01-05 06:34 PM

Pedros bike lube re-fill -1/2 price?
I bought lube @ a shop I don't usually, the clerk said return the bottle for a re-fill.
Never heard of this before, soap products yes. Good deal, I use a lot of the stuff.

Does your lbs offer this?
If they carry the products maybe ask if the re-fill option can be started.
1/2 price oil!
Yea Baby.

el twe 06-01-05 07:38 PM

Sounds like a deal...

phantomcow2 06-01-05 07:50 PM

never heard of that, thats pretty neat though. Ide snag that deal

RoboChrist 04-23-09 10:02 PM

Pedro's low viscosity chain lube? I have it but I don't think it's doing a good job on my chain. After I applied it, the chain is black with filth, after only two rides. I dunno man ...

Panthers007 04-23-09 10:50 PM

Any lube on a chain will attract grime and particles and turn black. This is why it's a good method to only apply one drop of an oil per link to lube a chain. And then wipe the chain down thoroughly with a towel/rag before riding. The thicker more gooey the lube - the more difficult it will be to wipe away excess. And the more grime it will attract.

RoboChrist 04-24-09 12:31 PM

I put a drop at every link, but I have never heard of wiping down the chain right after lubing. I'll give it a try today.

Panthers007 04-24-09 06:07 PM

A thick lube will take longer to make it's way deep into the chain - so I'd let this sit overnight before wiping it down. The good oils I use are relatively light and penetrate quickly - such as Boeshield T-9 - so it can be given a good wipe-down after a wait of 5 minutes. It's all about viscosity.

stapfam 04-24-09 11:42 PM

It is not the oil getting dirty- It is the amount of dirt on the chain getting into the oil and showing up. So clean oil on a chain and it goes black and the chain is dirty- Clean it.

My LBS sells me Pedros Chain oil in Large Trade bottles- the size that they buy. Far cheaper than the small bottles the Punters buy.

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