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Nimbuslove 06-22-17 11:39 AM

same question diffrent newbie in need of advice
so I'm caught between two bikes, I am buying my first bike in about fifteen years and will be mostly using it for long rides as I'm trying to loose more weight (have already lost a hundred lbs) as well as mild commuting to work and of course joyriding

this is why I'm caught I'm looking at the specialized allez e5 sport 2017 for the long riding goals or the specialized sirrus elite 2017 for the multitasking. i know they are expensive but I want to grow my skill for the bike and not have to upgrade when I get better at biking

the allez has great reviews all across the board and has been said it does well for the novice with its bigger tires (which apparently handles well on mild dirt and bumpy roads)and less head down position than a typical race bike for rider comfort

the sirrus elite 2017 has as my LBS says has the ability to go fast for a hybrid and is a great all around bike it also has a FSA gossamer crankset and this is said to be a total workhorse crankset but as hard as I search I cant find any reviews aside from buyer rating on seller sites can anyone in lighten me more about this bike does it do speed well?

can anyone give me your 2 cents on my dilemma there is little off road as all bike paths in my city are paved and there is a lot of them. but I really like the elite as its more true to what I'm used to. I almost feel like its a toss up as they sem so alike in what they are for

mcours2006 06-22-17 11:44 AM

If you do any group rides, or just like to ride long and far solo go with the Allez. You'll appreciated the aerodynamic benefits of being able to ride lower and multiple hand positions.

The Sirrus, while a very capable bike, is a bike that does everything just okay--riding around town, getting groceries, towing your three-year old, even group rides, but it does none of them great. So you have to decide what you really want: a machine that does one thing great--going fast, or a machine that does a lot of things just okay.

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