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Gaber85 06-30-17 02:06 AM

Kickr 2 noise level
Hi guys. Im thinking about buying a new Wahoo Kickr trainer. The only thing that is worrying me is the noise level it makes. I have 2 kids and I train in the kitchen, before work (5 am) with the door closed.
My question is: Will they still hear the trainer with the door closed? Will it wake them up?
Do you gyus have any experience with this?

Thanks a lot!

Nermal 06-30-17 02:36 AM

No experience, but if it's a low frequency noise, it will easily penetrate a door.

BobbyG 06-30-17 07:22 AM

Those kids are very fortunate to have a parent set an example of exercise being a normal part of an adult's life.

Gaber85 07-03-17 12:30 AM

Thank you BobbyG :)

bikingtotown 07-03-17 08:55 AM

Kickers are great your kids are sure to hear them! :D Car Subwoofers | KICKER®
P.s. the noise level is adjustable

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