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robynlmc 06-03-05 10:31 AM

need advice from a cycling friend
First, let me say I really admire this sport. It's one that I intended to get into about 15 years ago. I bought my bike,(having absolutely no idea what I was buying!) a 1990 Fuji Sagres SP in Bahama blue for $350. I knew NOTHING about cycling. I just wanted to ride and knew it would be great exercise. I figured it was a decent enough bike at $350, back then. Unfortunately, I was in an accident (unrelated to cycling!), broke my back and it ended my cycling idea. Still, I have this bike - 15 years later! I've decided I want to sell it. I don't know if it's worth $10.00 or $100.00. Honestly, I'm such a novice about this subject that I don't even know how to calculate the specifications.(I'm a female, about 5'5" and was told by the bike shop owner it was a good "fit" for me) Based on this very limited info., does anyone have a guess as to what this bike is worth? [U]I know this is a really lame posting. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to respond! - Robyn in SC

Billy Ray 06-03-05 10:34 AM

Check ebay to see what they go for.

I would guess $50 is pretty reasonable. Just a guess, though.


halfbiked 06-03-05 11:20 AM

I payed $150 for a mid-late 80s Fuji roadbike. But it had been refreshed by a bike shop, that meaning, tuneup, new tires, shift & brake cables, brake pads, handlebar tape, etc. Yours is probably in need of a tuneup.

edit: i bought the bike last year.

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