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moogyboy 07-11-17 08:55 PM

New dumpster-dive find: Hyper Havoc MTB
heya bikefolks

First post in a few months. You'll be happy to hear that I've been enjoying my thrift-store Huffy rebuild immensely, on those days when I can be bothered to go outdoors. It's been serving cigarette-run duty to the local Speedway store mostly, but even on longer rides it's a slightly crude but smooth and pleasant companion.

Which brings us to tonight. Summer in North Columbus usually means the alleys are full of refuse from departing OSU students. Already this week I've bagged a pair of Technics floor speakers and an office chair from behind my house. Tonight it was a newly cast-off bike. I hauled it indoors immediately to assess what kind of junk I'd stumbled upon.

It's a Hyper Havoc 21 speed full suspension mountain bike; Google informed me that this is one of those cheapo Walmart BSO's, so obviously it's not a gem. It's seen better days. Rust on the bolts and screws. I don't think the brakes are quite working. Rear derailleur looks bent, chain is loose. Rusty front derailleur. Frame looks ok. Tires look good. Can't tell if the rear is cassette or freewheel. Gearing is Shimano, has twist shifters.

This might be an interesting project bike; fixing the Huffy up was kind of a basic crash course, but if this thing ends up as nice as the Huffy turned out I'll be really pleased. Otoh I might just strip it for parts, the wheels and tires alone would be worth it considering the bike cost me nothing. Will post pictures very shortly.


Billy S.

Maelochs 07-12-17 10:30 AM

I envy you. I used to live in a neighborhood where lots of college kids rented houses, and the pickings were wonderful.

What you have sounds like a parts bike. Get six or eight similar bikes and have a ball. Wish I lived anywhere near a place where I could pick up junk bikes ... i had a ton of fun building bikes for pretty much no cost and actually came up with some fun rides.

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