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jonnie mon 01-15-01 08:32 PM

I need new metal toe clips for my pedals. I can only find plastic ones. Anybody have an idea where to find them?

Rich 01-16-01 06:32 AM

Metal Toeclips
Hi there,

it's usually the norm now to get plastic toeclips, but there maybe a few specialist bike shops that can get them. Campagnolo used to make some pretty smart ones (albeit expensive)...Keep you're eye's peeled to the local bike magazines too, they might have manufacturers listed who might still make them.

Good luck

Rich ;)

steve33 01-16-01 09:39 AM

Plastic toe clips are more user frindley than metal, they accept larger shoe witdths than metal, they are not as hard on your shoes, catch a plastic clip on pavement or a rock nothing happens, catch a metal and the story is diffrent. I have used both over the years, and would not use metal anymore.!!!

dvicakra 03-02-01 11:12 AM

Sure this is an easy one.
For metal toe clips try:

All three are reputable and to-be-trusted for all of their offerings.

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