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3940dxer 07-27-17 08:27 PM

Trying to identify an Italian bike saddle
Sadly, my and my wire's road bikes were stolen in downtown L.A. a few nights ago. Pretty devastating, but we're getting over it and starting to shop for new bikes.

A few years ago, after trying many different saddles, I bought an Italian model that was very comfortable. I want to get the same one again but can't recall the manufacturer. It had a long slot in the center, was fairly narrow, and I'm pretty sure it was made in Italy. The most distinctive thing is that it had a little flag or tag hanging from the back, with the brand name and maybe some stripes, that was about 3/8" wide and 3" long. It sort of flapped in the breeze behind me as I rods along.

Does this ring a bell with anyone? I know it's not much to go on but maybe someone else has this model. That little flag thing makes it kind of distinctive from the back. Thanks in advance.

Mo06 07-28-17 02:14 AM

Selle Italia is one of the biggest saddle makers in Italy.

pinsonp2 07-28-17 04:05 AM

Selle SMP also have the Made in Italy Hang Tag. Selle SMP Pro Saddles - Albabici cycling products


3940dxer 07-28-17 11:00 AM

Yes! Selle SMP is the brand. Thank you!

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