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Paul Westhead 06-05-05 04:04 PM

Hello there people first off i'd like to say hi as this is one of my first posts......

Now that the introductions are over i'm looking for a bit of advice....

I'm looking to buy a bicycle as i'm looking to start cycling on a regular basis. I was wondering if any one could help me with recommendations for what bike to go for.

Approximate budget is 200-300

Its use is going to be for both on-road and off road useage although nothing to wild ...

I'm about 6 foot tall and weigh 13 stone (~182 pounds) (a rather conservativeestimate but oh well ... :P)

Also what kinds of things should i be looking for in a bike?

Any other general info would be of great help.

thanks in advance


alanbikehouston 06-05-05 04:17 PM

The type of riding that you will do will help you focus on the bike that is best for you. If you wanted to do "it all", a light weight mountain bike with only front (not rear) suspension can do all three. Use a set of wheels with narrow, light slick tires for commuting to work and for long rides on country roads. And, use a second set of wheels with beefy tires with lots of grip for off-road riding.

Paul Westhead 06-05-05 05:05 PM

Hi there alanbikehouston and thanks for the informative reply is there any particular manufacturer / construction materials, braking systems that you would recommend?

cryogenic 06-05-05 05:08 PM

Take a look at Specialized, Giant and Jamis for starters. All seem to have good value in that price range. :)

Paul Westhead 06-05-05 05:11 PM

Hi cryogenic, cheers for that I used to own a Giant many years ago for about 3 weeks till it got stolen :( It was a fantastic bike but i'm not upto date with whats good and whats not so good now adays.

I think the question that i should be asking is what makes a good or a bad bike i.e the equipment used in its construction (components that are better than others for example gear sets, brake sets or types, chassis makes, or certain manufacturers to steer clear of) or is it down to personal opinion ?

cryogenic 06-05-05 06:22 PM

Well, when you're spending in that price range, you're going to get a decent bike, but nothing top of the line. Base your purchase on what feels most comfortable and what fits your budget. You might want to take a look at the Specialized Hardrock series, for example. I have a Hardrock Pro and it's done quite well for exactly the duty you're speaking of. Jamis has the Cross Country and Durango that I think are around that price range. All of them would probably do quite well.

alanbikehouston 06-06-05 12:20 PM

"Cycling Plus" in the UK publishes test reports each month that are very detailed and honest. A local library is likely to have back issues for 2004 and 2005 that can guide you as to their "picks" in each price class. You have MANY brands in the UK that are not sold in the USA, so "Cycling Plus" is a good resource.

But, as a point of reference. Trek bikes are usually "good value" in each price class. If you want to see what a typical "high quality" bike has to offer at a given price point, it is worthwhile to spend a couple of hours visiting a few Trek dealers. Then, when you look at bikes from brand "G", "S", or "R", you have a fairly good idea of what features and components your budget ought to buy.

At the "entry level" and "moderate" price points, the quality of the dealer is more important than the name on the bike. If there is a bike shop in your neighborhood that will give you high quality service before and after your purchase, THEIR brand ought to be high on your list.

Primevci 06-06-05 04:44 PM

I like my Bike you cna check it out here seems to do a good job on and off road..

mrdoright0405 06-08-05 01:20 PM


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