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Akhidr 08-15-17 05:50 PM

What is the model name and year of release of this bicycle?
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I found someone who wants to sell a used (in a good condition) orbea step though bike (I attached its picture).

I want to know what is the model name? and which year it was released? So I can look for its specifications and weight.

I want to buy a:

Light weight
Not expinsive

Bicycle, do you think this is a good choice?

thumpism 08-15-17 06:20 PM

Looks like an Orbea Comfort but they made several different grades like the 10, the 20, the 30 etc., probably with various grades of components and accessories. Don't know which model year.

02Giant 08-15-17 07:08 PM

It looks like a 2014/15 28 20

FBinNY 08-15-17 07:12 PM

You don't give specs, but if the condition is good and it fits you it could be a good choice. Of course the price should reflect the specs, so get an idea of what it sold for new, and use that as a starting point.

Since you're nor knowledgeable, have a friend who knows bikes come with you to check it out and estimate what any necessary work may cost. That's very important because repairs or replacing worn parts can be expensive and make what seemed like a good value into a money pit.

Good luck.

Akhidr 08-16-17 04:33 AM

Thank you for all your replys.

I managed to ask the seller today and he told me that it is orbea comfert 10 (Medum size). But in my country it is not sold as new any more, so I was trying to look online for how much does it cost if it is sold, but I did not find it also.

Can any one help me to find how much it is sold if it is new on any online store?

I only found it online sold used and listed 2 years agoe.

RonH 08-16-17 06:57 AM shows a 2016 Orbea Comfort 10 that sold new for $479 (US).

02Giant 08-16-17 10:55 AM

Everything I have seen, the 10 series has a suspension fork.

I could be wrong. :foo:

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