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eXCeSS 06-06-05 03:46 PM

What lock to get?
I'm looking for a lock to get so I can start riding to school, and I'll also eventually be riding in NYC.
I'm looking at kryptonite locks but I dont know if I need a chain lock, a u-lock or what?

I can only buy one for now so what do you guys/gals think I should do?

Inoplanetyanin 06-06-05 06:10 PM

Of course combination of locks is my safer, but if you can only afford one right now, I would suggest to get a thick U-lock (not kryptoninte, as they were easy to open with a plastic pen). Or basically not the lock where the key opening is circular with diametr similar to a pen.

supcom 06-06-05 06:17 PM

Get either a Kryptonite NY3000 ULock or a Kryptonite Faghettaboudit Chain and padlock. The Ulock is easier to carry around is is as secure a lock as you'll find. Be sure to lock the front wheel as well as the rear.

Inyo, Kryptonite has replaced it's circular key locks with flat key disc locks. These are not subject to picking with a pen.

PWRDbyTRD 06-06-05 06:29 PM

I think this question has alot to do with WHERE can you lock your bike up, out here on the side of town I live in, you use a street light, or other random object to lock up your bike. Therefore a U lock is totally useless to me. I sacrifice a bit of security for convenience.

supcom 06-06-05 06:53 PM


Originally Posted by PWRDbyTRD
I think this question has alot to do with WHERE can you lock your bike up, out here on the side of town I live in, you use a street light, or other random object to lock up your bike. Therefore a U lock is totally useless to me. I sacrifice a bit of security for convenience.

If you are locking a bike at a college or in NYC, a cable lock is worthless. You would not only lose the bike (especially one as nice as yours) but would have a busted lock as well. You'd be better not using a lock so you'll have $15 more to use to buy your next bike.

eXCeSS 06-06-05 08:59 PM

So the U-Lock is as secure as any of the chain locks?

Ziemas 06-06-05 11:27 PM


Originally Posted by eXCeSS
So the U-Lock is as secure as any of the chain locks?

There are both good and bad U locks and chain locks. The two brands that would be best for NYC are Kryptonite or OnGuard.

Kryptonite and OnGuard make a varity of locks sutible for NYC. The chain locks (use only the ones rates for maxium security) are heavy, but give you many more options as where you can park. I use a chain lock.

Model: New York Fahgettaboudit

Model: New York Chain w/EV Disc Lock

Model: Onguard Beast

The Ulocks which are good for NYC are:
Model: Kryptonite New York Lock

Model: OnGuard Brute

Alanbikehouston has made some execellent posts about locks. Do a search and find them. They will be of great help.

Joeagain 06-08-05 02:44 PM

If you're going to be parking it in the same spot every day, you should probably think about getting a beater bike, or something that's not desireable, (though I don't know how much that has to do with it).

A lot of bikes get stolen in NYC. There was a video posted on this board about 5 weeks ago where someone used various tools, including power tools, to remove locks from (his own) bikes -- basically "staged thefts," and no passers-by said a word. If someone wants your bike, you really have no chance at keeping it, so it's probably best to use one that you won't miss if it's stolen. Leaving a desireable bike in the same general area every day is probably too tempting.


alanbikehouston 06-08-05 04:12 PM

The Sold Secure organization of the UK rates bike locks for insurance coverage reasons. The results of their testing program are similar to the results of the "Cycling Plus" magazine tests each April issue.

There is ONE lock that is clearly superior to the other "top" locks from Kryptonite and OnGuard: the Kryptonite New York 3000 U-lock, which weighs 3.9 pounds. The 3000 is in a class by itself. It is simply the BEST lock widely sold in the USA.

The two best chains locks, the eight pound Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit chain, and OnGuard's ten pound chain, work ALMOST as well as the New York 3000, but they weigh TWICE as much. So, unless you MUST lock to telephone poles, or objects that are too large for a U-lock, an eight pound chain is a lot of weight to lug around. The four pound New York 3000 is STRONGER, even at half the weight.

A slightly lower level of protection comes from OnGuard U-locks. Even the cheap OnGuard Bulldog mini U-lock will stop manual attacks using standard non-power tools. However, OnGuard U-locks are less effective against power cutting tools.

If you park in those rare locations where power cutting tools are used, such as Manhattan and mega-size inner city universities, you need the the Kryptonite New York 3000 lock.

There is NO reason to ever use a lock that is "less" secure than the OnGuard Bulldog. The LBS in my neighborhood sells the Bulldog for $29, yet it protects against prying attacks and leverage attacks as effectively as a $90 lock.

Cable locks are NOT locks. They are okay for protecting your front wheel and for preventing the wind from knocking over your bike. A crook can open a cable lock with HIS tool about as fast as you can open your cable lock with your key.

And, unless you know where to put the lock, you are wasting your money. The lock must go around your rear wheel, just behind the seat tube. If you lock ONLY the frame, you will find out how expensive a rear wheel and cassette can be.

Guest 06-08-05 04:52 PM

Get the NY chain and the NY 3000 lock. It'll be heavy, but it's worth it.


manmz 06-08-05 09:59 PM

Trust me and you wonít regret it:


I just got mine two days ago and Itís a joke, its as heavy as a gallon and half of milk, I would rather keep my bike unlocked and hand it to a thief then carrying a 14 pound chain, I had the Onguard 5017, I returned it and lost $13 for shipping it back and got a Kryptonite New York 3000 U-Lock, definitely a better choice.

sininen 06-08-05 10:19 PM

Here's my two cents: I know you said you can only afford one lock, but I have found using two to be the best solution as a commuter. I know it's a bit heavier then carrying one lock, but I think it's worth it. I carry a kryptonite U-lock and a cable ongaurd lock. I prefer to use the lock to secure the frame and rear wheel to a rack, and then the cable lock to secure the front wheel either to the rack as well or to the u-lock. Neither lock was very expensive, especially when I think about hte cost and hassle of replacing a bike. I also have total flexability then, if I need to lock up to a light post or some irregular object, I can do so with the cable lock and use the u-lock to secure the front wheel to the frame. It works for me.

alanbikehouston 06-09-05 02:19 PM

Worried about the price? An OnGuard Bulldog U-lock, combined with a cable lock for the front wheel, usually costs around $35 or $40. That is only $20 more than the Wal-Crap locks...any bike worth riding is worth spending the extra $20.

ehammarlund 06-09-05 04:03 PM

the nice thing about a big ass well known lock (NY u-lock) or a kryptonite chain is taht noboy TRIES to steal your bike. you can trash a bike by trying to steal it (which sucks) so the visual deterrent is a good thing.

eXCeSS 06-09-05 06:42 PM

Hey everyone thanks for the suggestions.
I got the OnGuard Brute LS 5000 for a great price with free shipping.

It's rated the same as the NY3000 by Kryptonite :)
My next lock is going to be a chain lock--likely Kryptonite.

Thank you everyone who helped me out :)

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