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Siu Blue Wind 06-06-05 10:21 PM

What Is It?
The most silliest, craziest, didn't-really-need-it purchase that you had made for your bike?

I tried to buy the best lock possible. Went on the suggestion to buy an Onguard chain lock. (By all means, they were rated one of the top CHAIN locks!) Got a price for about 40% off and ordered it (now wouldn't you?). Never saw it in person. When I went to pick it up, I swore they made a mistake. This couldn't be it. This sucker weighs about 10 pounds! :eek: Kept it anyway since I got such a good deal! :)


forum*rider 06-06-05 10:23 PM

Tires. For some reason I'm a tire fanatic. I make excuses to go and buy new tires.

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