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oxologic 07-05-02 04:04 AM

Road Rash
Okay, you have to remove the gravel and whatever dirt is visible. However, even when the wound is clean, why do I end up with a black tattoo in the end? Will it fade away with time?

Is it the blood or is it dirt?

People, please provide treatment methods.

Thanks a million.

beowoulfe 07-05-02 04:24 AM

THIS thread ran just last month on road rash.

oxologic 07-05-02 04:37 AM

Hope there isn't much trouble for you to reply. I just want to know what I need to know, they don't say anything about what I'm experiencing, and they don't say anything close about whether it will fade away or not.

Hope that you won't mind me posting a new thread, or would you?

LittleBigMan 07-05-02 07:30 AM

Oxologic, I had a bad fall almost exactly one year ago. I still have a dark pink spot above each knee and a couple more on my right wrist, where it seems I lost all my skin. But I don't have any "black tattoos."

All the rest of my road rash has sort of disappeared into white/pinkish-white patches that don't really look bad. All my rash was treated in the emergency room. I don't remember how they treated it but it had some clear gel all over it. They told me to use neosporin to speed healing and reduce scarring.

In my case, I guess there are some scars that will stay dark pink.

beowoulfe 07-05-02 07:45 AM

Originally posted by oxologic
Hope that you won't mind me posting a new thread, or would you?
Good heavens no. I didn't mean to come across as derogatory.

chewa 07-05-02 07:45 AM

Oxologic, the dark "tattoo" is unlikely to be blood (which the body would absorb), but more likely to be grit or dirt, which will gradually be walled off

ahuman 07-05-02 02:22 PM

dirt and grim must be removed. (ouch!)
sometimes the skin will remain scared but most of the times it will
go away with time just keep it clean and let air get to it..
the road rash on my knees is gone but the rash on my wrist is still there from a crash that happen 10 years ago..
good luck!

Ouch ! 07-05-02 03:59 PM

Originally posted by ahuman
dirt and grim must be removed. (ouch!)

Am I being volunteered for something ?:D

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