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Portis 06-07-05 07:55 PM

Choose Between Performance, Nashbar, Supergo...
If these were the only sources in the world to get the new clipless pedals you have been wanting for months, which store would you choose? Again, for the purposes of this thread/poll, these are your ONLY options!

Consider that each store has exactly the same pedals that you want and they are exactly the same price. Shipping is also equal.

khuon 06-07-05 08:02 PM

Performance and Nashbar are really one and the same company (along with Supergo). The plus side to Performance/Supergo is that they have local branches to me and I would go there instead of ordering if possible. The downside is that it seems they never have what I want in stock. And in reality, I'd be more inclined to go to one of the locally-owned LBSes instead. As far as ordering and shipping, I've had poor experience with Performance. In contrast I have always has excellent experiences with JensonUSA and their prices many times are better than Performance so my pick would be JensonUSA for online/mail/catalogue buying.

ngateguy 06-07-05 08:31 PM

I chose Performance, but it has been a year since I have ordered anything online. In the past I preferred their service and product quality over Nashbar. It seems by what I have been reading on the forums their service is not what it used to be.I tend to buy clothes and accessories at REI and my parts from my LBS. Made easier when a new LBS opened up 3 blocks from the house.

hi565 06-08-05 07:18 AM

Performance, been the best to me.

superdex 06-08-05 07:37 AM

Originally Posted by Ranger
Consider that each store has exactly the same pedals that you want and they are exactly the same price. Shipping is also equal.

With those parameters, Performance. I seem to get things quicker than from Nashbar, PP or Jensen....

librarian 06-08-05 07:54 AM

Performance. I couldn't even get Shimano brake pads from my LBS in Northfield. It's just not worth firing up my F250 diesel for the trip.

FarHorizon 06-08-05 08:13 AM

I've ordered from all of them at one time or another (keeps my mailbox filled with free catalogs). I've had problems with none of them. I most commonly order from Nashbar because they have a wide inventory of items, seem to keep them in stock, and their prices are close to the lowest of any. I'll order from Rivendell if I can (just because I like their cycling philosophy), even at higher prices. If Rivendell doesn't stock it, Nashbar is my second choice.

BlazingPedals 06-08-05 09:08 AM

I've been a Nashbar customer for close to 20 years. In the early years, I could place an order with regular shipping, and have it in my hand in no more than 3 days. But lately their shipping has been in a slow death spiral. The last few orders have taken as much as a week before being shipped, and then ten more days to get to my house. That's almost 3 weeks! By contrast my last Supergo order was received in a couple of days.

cydewaze 06-08-05 09:25 AM

I've ordered from all the options listed on the poll. I group the Performance trio together in terms of how they rate. About average. Jenson has good prices (usually better than the Perf brothers) but I've had things packaged poorly for shipping (got a dinged up head tube on a frame).

I voted for Pricepoint because a) so far they seem to have the best price overall, b) I've gotten decent tech help on the phone line, and c) things have been shipped promptly.

I don't order many things from Perf because they have 2 locations near my house, but I did include in-store service in my vote.

Edit: The Performance Trio also lost points for having all three websites on the same machine. Sometimes it takes 10 tries to get an order placed. They need more bandwidth or to split things up.

Grasschopper 06-08-05 09:46 AM

Performance because of the TP 10% back in credit and the 20% off coupons. Plus they will price match other companies so a lower price wont matter.

redfooj 06-08-05 11:04 AM

hell, i bought pedals from nashbar last month...

amahana1 06-08-05 12:19 PM

I cant believe you left off the list. I have used all the ones you stated extensively and by far speedgoat was the the free shipping is nice!!

Doctor Morbius 06-08-05 01:32 PM

I've always liked Nashbar better. Used to buy from them back in the pre-web days when they were a catalog retailer. When they got bought up I still used them and find, at least in my experience, that they have better customer service, lower prices and decent selection.

SuperGo may cater more to the higer end crowd but Nashbar is for putzes like me who find 105 components to be more than satisfactory. For example, I was looking for some cassettes for my road bikes and Nashbar had 105 HG-70 cassettes on sale for $20. I used a 20% coupon on top of that and got them for $16. Ended up buying 4 of them. Now THAT'S what I call bang for the buck!

Edit: Ok, here's another good reason I like Nashbar. I just bought an Ultegra tripple crankset for $66.97 and a Deore crankset for $30.12, two Kenda Kross ATB tires for $6.67 each, a Sports Instruments ECG5 HRM for $33.47 and a Selle Italia Flite Gel saddle for $36.82. On top of that I used a 10% coupon. Any questions? :rolleyes:

khuon 06-08-05 02:09 PM

Originally Posted by amahana1
I cant believe you left off the list. I have used all the ones you stated extensively and by far speedgoat was the the free shipping is nice!!

Yeah. Speedgoat is pretty good but their prices aren't always that great. I've also found Texas Cyclesport to have some pretty good deals from time to time and their shipping was excellent.

spleck 06-10-05 09:09 PM

I prefer Jenson USA because the website interface is so much better. I can't stand Nashbar's "More Results" links. Performance's listings are more picture than info. Supergo's is really nice, but I have yet to order from there (I have however used all the others.)
Now onto all those things you said are the same:
Nashbar used USPS for standard shipping and it took 9 days to get from Ohio to Georgia. Jenson and Performance used FedEx ground or supersaver. Shipping from Jenson in CA to GA took 7 days, but at least I had a tracking number to see where it was. To make my Nashbar purchase worse, they used the thinnest cardboard box I've ever seen. They put in two sheets of cardboard paper that did about nothing. My shift lever box was burst open and there was a dent in my book (yeah maybe a little picky).

I also like having a login to check order status at Jenson. I can check it at work, without having to remember my order number (like Nashbar/Performance). They're order status also shows when the expect backordered items to arrive. Nashbar's doesn't even show the price.

Nashbar's advantage is having a little bit lower end stuff for really cheap. Jenson would price match, but they don't carry some of the stuff that Nashbar manages to sell for rock bottom. I'm about to try Nashbar again and pay the extra 3 bucks for 2 day FedEx.

NSANEtotheMAX 06-11-05 06:56 PM

I ordered a pair of shoes from Nashbar that were onsale, and waited about 2 weeks and my dad called um up, and they said that when we ordered them, they were out of stock, but we called fex ex a week earlier to track the order, and they said the orer was canceled by nashbar. bad quality service!!!

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