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Anders K 07-06-02 03:58 AM

Can anyone recall the name of the Bridgestone bicycle with that strange handelbar shaped like a seagull? Wasnīt a nr "1" included in the model name, like rsx-1 or something similar? It was no mountainbike, more of road bike or hybrid. Perhaps with 26" wheels? Can someone post pics of that bike for me? All information is apreciated:)

Anders K

P.S. Didnīt Bicycling revew that model in -92 or thereabout? Unfortunatley I trewed all bicycle magazines about one year ago when I moved.

Feldman 07-06-02 08:42 AM

It was the Bridgestone X0-1. The old Bridgestone designer, Grant Petersen, has his own company called Rivendell Bicycle Works now and sells a similar frame called the Atlantis.

Anders K 07-06-02 09:00 AM

Yes Feldman, I have already checked out Rivendell, I love the Atlantis. Little over my budget, unfortunatley. Would like to get hold of that Bridgestone review from Bicycling.

Anders K

Feldman 07-06-02 09:29 AM

What part of the world do you live in? If you're in Britain or continental Europe, there are local manufacturers who can and perhaps already do produce such a bike--the X01 and Atlantis are heavily inspired by bikes that French touring bike builders have made for 50-60 years. As a "for instance," Orbit, who are one of the more modestly priced British brands, makes a 26" wheel touring bike.

Anders K 07-06-02 11:43 AM

I live in Sweden, and the bike industry and bicycling is very small here. You canīt possibly compare to brittish conditions. If I want something like for example a bike horn (Airzound) or a Schmidt dynamo hub, the best choice is for me to order from England. Parts like these are not to be found in Sweden (to specialized, and even the shop owners looks like question marks when you ask them). Thorn also makes some tourers with 26" wheels that seems to be a great buy. I was thinking of a second hand Bridgestone (fits my budget better) frame, itīs also a little retro and I like that.

Anders K

Anders K 07-06-02 11:52 AM

Feldman, in which year and number of Bicycling whas that reviw of Bridgestone XO-1?:confused:


MichaelW 07-06-02 05:39 PM

There is a German bike in the 26" tourer mould, with butterfly bars rather than drops. It is made by Fahrad Manufaktur and seems to be a good price. Most of the info is in german, abut I would be interested in seeing the specs.
Some of the German mail order shops are pretty good, an you may get better exchange rates than Britain.

1oldRoadie 07-06-02 08:38 PM

Are you wanting to become one of the "Bridgestone Bad Boys" and terrorize the neighborhood girls?

Anders K 07-07-02 03:44 AM


Originally posted by 1oldRoadie
Are you wanting to become one of the "Bridgestone Bad Boys" and terrorize the neighborhood girls?
Me? Iīm such a nice guy:p

Anders K 07-07-02 07:26 AM

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Check this guys collection of Bridgestone related articles.

Things like this flyer

Feldman 07-07-02 09:24 AM

I don't know when Bicycling tested an X0-1; it would have been between 1992 and 1994 if they did.

Anders K 07-07-02 11:47 AM

Feldman, I have found the review. Found it as a pdf-file at the link in my previous reply, among other interesting pdfīs.

Anders K

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