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madman91 06-09-05 03:44 PM

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I already wrote this post but i accidently cancelled. So here is a digest of what i wrote.

1) bought spesh fatboy slicks 26x1.25 (upgraded from spesh enduro 26x2.20)
2) pumped it up to 55psi because i could not go higher with my big tank compressor because of a leak in the hose.
3) feel less resistance but going same speed.
4) have a skweek noise (not related to the tires)(circled the skweek noise on picture)(tried greasing the little 2 wheels on back)

Am i going slower because of psi?
I blurred pictures so you wouldnt see my house :D
How do you spell skweek?

EDIT: i pumped it up to 93 now it runs smoother. i had a minor bump and now my sigma sport computer shows false speeds. but ill post somewhere else. ignore point 1,2,3..


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