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DnvrFox 07-06-02 08:02 PM

Max (miles/kilometers) on Tire?
My mtn bike has a little over 6,000 miles on my current set of slicks. I am thinking of giving them a rest in tire heaven, although they are still going round and round. The back one is a little boxed off, while the front appears near new. But, I would like to go from 1.75 x 26 to 1.5 x 26. Decisions, decisions.

Which brings up the very important <grin> question - who has the most mileage/kilometerage on a tire or a set of tires, and what is that mileage/kilometerage? What kind of tire?

1oldRoadie 07-06-02 08:58 PM

Gee Mr D., I don't know.
I have momma convinced that I have to put on new tires each spring because the rubber breaks down when you don't ride them for a while. And of course you know that the newest Contintentals are the safest! :rolleyes:

Chris L 07-06-02 10:07 PM

I tried the Continental Town & Country tyre last year and didn't like them at all. They had no grip at all in the wet and the sidewalls were gone in no time at all.

In answer to the original question, it really depends on the tyre. Some tyres (even of the same brand) will wear out faster than others. I've had some last upwards of 12,000km and others not last half that long. Have a look at the tread. If that looks like it's rubbed off, replace them now. If not, they should still be alright for a while. Also note that the front tyre tends to last longer than the back one as it's under less strain.

orguasch 07-07-02 03:41 AM

I recently change my tire, and the last tire that was on my bike gave me almost 10,000 kilometers, had it not been for the persistent flats that I was having on the tire, I am satisfied with the Michellin Axial Pro.. but then somebody has to give way right, So now I am using a Michellin Axial Giro de Italia, hope to log more kilometer on this one

Scooby Snax 07-07-02 02:11 PM

Ive only worn out tires on my old bmx bike when I was a poor little kid, since then, Ive just got new tires because I was not satisfied with the old ones.

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