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threadend 07-07-02 06:30 AM

Song of the lazy cyclist
Dismayed as we were
We really weren't sure
If the chore would get done
or be foresaken for fun

His yard needs some work
But the guy has this quirk
Instead of sharing our pride
He'd rather bicycle ride

One thing we can ascertain
From cycling he'll never gain
The work ethic and dress
By which we measure success

It is beyond what is sane
Whatever makes him sustain
That ludicrious pastime
So far past his prime

We will help him adjust
Our way of thinking is a must
Deprogram him from the bike
We'll make him and us alike

While he posts on the forum
We have reached a quorum
He will be forced into our mold
So we can watch as he too grows old

ljbike 07-07-02 07:37 AM

A fine, fun ode.

The eerie thing is, just before reading this, I was going to post a thread and ask if there are any poets on the forum and if they had written anything about bicycling. Very strange coincidence.

I wish I had one to share with you. I've only written one bicycle poem. It's my thoughts about a woman while watching her ride. However, I don't think it appropriate for this format. It's not porno. Just not appropriate.

How about the rest of you, any poems?

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