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bent4me 02-04-18 10:30 PM

Disk lock
I know bike locks are for honest people but anybody have thoughts on disk locks? I think it would deter anyone from riding off. Cheap, small and not obvious.

europa 02-05-18 03:33 AM

If you mean a padlock through the disc, you won't stop people carrying the bike away or taking the wheels.

For the spectators, there's always the chance you'll forget to take off the lock before riding away :D

Iride01 02-05-18 12:18 PM

That just sounds like it will lead to damage. If someone is trying to steal or otherwise move your bike then whether it is something that clamps the pads together or a lock through a hole in the disc, will forces applied while attempting to move it damage the rotor, spokes etc?

As well its been my experience that frustrated teen and pre-teen thieves tend to intentionally damage things that thwart their simple attempts to just steal.

So a chain or something that's highly visible let's them know to look for some easier pickings.

But your results might very......................

fietsbob 02-05-18 12:58 PM

Maybe on a motorcycle, they tend to be too heavy to just lift and carry away..

In Europe where there are hundreds of bikes, parked together, none all able to lock to a fixed object ,,

frame mounted ring locks are keeping them from being ridden-off.


SouthFLpix 02-05-18 12:59 PM

It's sometimes called a "cafe lock". Meaning it's generally considered an ok lock to have while you are sitting in a cafe with your bike leaning against the wall next to you.

It really depends on your area. Some areas, certain urban areas for example, call for a beefy U-lock, plus a hardened steel chain, and even then you worry about components like your saddle being lifted. In other areas, even a thin cable lock might be fine if you are just running into a store for a few minutes.

JohnDThompson 02-05-18 01:01 PM

Similar to putting a lock on your chainring, for those without disc brakes. May deter casual theft, but relatively easy to defeat if the thief is sufficiently determined.

Kedosto 02-05-18 02:06 PM

Only really worth while if your bike weighs about 20kg and up. Then of course there's the whole embarrassment factor when you inevitably forget it's there and try to ride away. I use one with my motorcycle with the ever-so-important reminder cable which extends from the lock up to the bars to prevent aforementioned embarrassment.


mikeoclt 02-05-18 04:07 PM

I had one on a motorcycle, it kept me from riding off a couple of times. I never used it again after the 2nd time and the bike was never stolen

jitenshajin 09-30-18 05:01 AM

As Duncan Bannatyne once said in response to a pitch on Dragon's Den. "It might seem like a great idea to you, but I won't be pursuing it."

Lazyass 09-30-18 05:10 AM

I have one for my sportbike. It has a lanyard to use so you don't forget it's on before you go to ride. But you don't really need the lanyard because as soon as you stand the bike upright to sit on it the alarm goes off so loud it wakes the dead. That would be the best thing about it for a bicycle, it would basically be a very, very loud alarm. You could use it on a rim brake bike, just attach it to a spoke.

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