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What sites for Weather planning?

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What sites for Weather planning?

Old 02-11-18, 09:20 PM
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I've been using the Weather Channel app on my iPhone since it has hour by hour forecasts for up to 48 hours. The radar is also nice since it has a current and future feature to it. While it does show wind speed and wind direction, it does nothing for wind gusts and the wind speed shown is for the entire area. I use WindAlert for wind charting. It takes data off of weather stations on cell and other communications towers. You can select which tower you want data from and it will give you a chart of wind speed, gusts speed, temperature, wind direction and some other data and it does it by the hour. It also will show nautical conditions taken off of weather stations on buoys; which is nice if you also are into boating.
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Old 02-11-18, 09:38 PM
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I use weather underground,

but agree that it was better & has been stupidized.
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Old 02-11-18, 11:16 PM
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I usually use this one on my computer and BOM's site on my phone:

Hobart weather - local weather forecast

Hobart Forecast
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Old 02-11-18, 11:23 PM
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+1 for National Weather Service -- it seems accurate enough, and the website always works. I used to like Weather.com and Weather Underground, but their websites have gotten so bad lately. The pages might fail to load the actual weather info, but the millions of banner ads still load. Hmm.
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Old 02-12-18, 12:55 AM
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What's wrong with stepping out the door and looking at the sky?
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Old 02-12-18, 01:03 AM
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I use a combo of both weather underground and just found a new one that is easy and it more accurate especially with wind. www.willyweather.com

Hope these help
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Old 02-12-18, 02:34 AM
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Old 02-12-18, 03:34 AM
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another weather underground user +1. have found it to generally be accurate be it in the mtns, at the beach, in the desert or in the foothills within a degree or two and within a wind mph or two, not perfect but using the app and averaging the calculated ride throughs/destinations locations...it holds its own.
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Old 02-12-18, 06:44 AM
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I use Intellicast. It seems to be much more accurate than the local news stations.
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Old 02-12-18, 06:48 AM
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Originally Posted by BikeLite View Post
The top tier numbers are temps from 1 AM to 10 PM for that day. The bottom tier numbers are highs for the daylight hours and lows for the nightime hours (into next days morning hours).

Or he can get an iPhone. The built in weather feature shows forecasted hourly temps.

FWP solved.
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Old 02-12-18, 05:26 PM
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Originally Posted by rm -rf View Post
I just loaded the Epic Ride Weather app. I hadn't heard about it. It's easy to use. I browsed one of my ridewithgps routes, and tried that route with various dates and starting times. It also asks average speed for the ride. That wouldn't include any possible mid-ride stops, of course, but the timing of the ride's duration should still be close enough. (And clicking the bullseye "location" icon will reset the forecast to make the rider's current location on the route be the current time, so this handles delays or stops during the ride.)

My quick test showed that for the next 5 days, the Dark Sky forecasts that it uses are way different on most days from the noaa and wunderground forecasts. A couple of days matched quite well.

The app blog says that Dark Sky is best at near term forecasts, analyzing radar and other data to give pinpoint forecasts.

I'll have to try it this spring to see how well it works out for me.
An alternate forecast source with Dark Sky is useful, too.
I like this app! Link to RWGPS or Strava etc.. Pick a past ride, or planned route. Pick the day and time you rode it or the day you plan to ride it, and get back some nice temp, wind and precip graphs. Pretty cool. Thanks. I like DarkSky by itself btw. My beef has been mostly with googling weather on PC, and these pop-up charts where evidently all of the shown lows, really belong to the following day... just stoopid.

Originally Posted by indyfabz View Post

Or he can get an iPhone. The built in weather feature shows forecasted hourly temps.

FWP solved.
I must be doing something wrong.. for hourly it only gives me up to 24hrs into the future using the hourly thing
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Old 02-12-18, 05:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Sy Reene View Post
I'm fed up with the standard google/weather.com presentation. It makes no sense to me; can anyone interpret what they're doing?

What do you folks use.. simple and sensible?

For tomorrow (Monday) says the low will be 26.. but where is it anywhere close on the chart? Going into Tuesday, the low shown as 32.. but wait, the early morning hours look a good bit colder than that? Maybe I'll sign up for a group ride on next Sunday.. the summary shows a low of 41.. oh wait it looks much colder according to the chart.

Makes no sense to me, either. I also notice that when I google "Farmington Weather" it takes some careful phrasing to find a site that is NOT google. I guess they need all the clicks they can get.
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Old 02-12-18, 10:22 PM
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I use the noaa weather for the area. Just type in the area you want to know the weather for and I have found it is pretty accurate, I use this exclusively. YRMV
National Weather Service
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Old 02-12-18, 10:36 PM
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I stopped using weather.com a very long time ago. I second weatherunderground.com as giving an idea on hourly precip chances and temperatures is helpful for a little more precision and timing and giving an overall chart view.

Local news weather forecasts are the best way to go via video online in my opinion (there may be some type of app from local news with weather). A 2-4 minute video is simple enough for me. Seem to always have radars and some update their video forecasts more than once a day (at least here some do). I notice in larger metro areas like Detroit that is pretty sprawled..Detroit itself is huge (about 140 sq. miles), they have a lot of area to forecast.

Didn't look through every other response in detail, but there might be other options that are as good or better.
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Old 02-13-18, 08:25 AM
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Originally Posted by woodcraft View Post
I use weather underground,

but agree that it was better & has been stupidized.
I agree. Weather Underground's phone app is better than their full page. And it has been "stupidized".

But they did start adding the amount of precipitation expected to the chance of precipitation as well as when it is expected.

A 90% chance of .01" of rain (or snow) is not a great threat. A 40% of 2" of rain is something I'd be more likely to plan for.

On their phone app Weather Underground has a nice hour by hour chart...on their full web page it is more of a text-based mess.
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Old 02-13-18, 08:55 AM
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Accuweather. No contest for me. They give you hourly forecasts for the next 24 hours. And tell you what's going to happen down to the minute for the next 120 minutes.

And the forecast is customized to within a couple miles of you.

I've had it tell me "Rain will continue for 13 minutes" and 13 minutes later...rain stops. It's often dead on the money like that. It's rarely just entirely wrong.
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