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LightBoy 07-08-02 03:04 PM

Aero helmet
I was flipping through the Excel catalog and saw a listing for a new aerodynamic helmet, the Louis Garneau Prologue. It claims to be "the one and only aero helmet on the market that is certified and racing legal." Does anyone know anything more about this helmet?

Also, Briko offers an aero helmet as well, the Crono. If the Garneau is the "one and only," does that mean that the Crono is not race legal? How would I go about finding out more about either of these helmets?

lotek 07-09-02 08:10 AM


welcome back (don't know where ya been).
My understanding is that the Garneau is the only
US consumer product saftey commision (USCPSC?)
approved areo helmet. Yeah there are lots of others
(most riders on le Tour are wearing Giro) but they
aren't approved for sale in the US.
Not sure if the Garneau is ANSI or Snell certified
(or both), but it has nothing to do with UCI certification.


LightBoy 07-10-02 12:33 PM

Thanks lotek! It's good to be back. (I went back to school for the spring term where my computer went a little loco, hence my unexplained absence).

I'll keep looking into this, but before I decide which helmet to buy, I need to remember the most important part: finding a way to convince myself that I actually need one. That shouldn't be too hard though...

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