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stephensnow40 07-08-02 06:09 PM

Neon Lighting On Bike Frame
Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me get information regarding the installation of neon strip lighting (colored undercarriage lighting see beneath cars at nighttime). This concept is not extremely new cars, but I wanted to take it to another level and install the same type of lighting on my mountain bike. I know that there are numerous obstacles to overcome in order to make this concept actually work. First of all, is there actually a generator large enough to produce 12.0v ac from which these lights can be powered? If not then is there a good way to store large (posibly rechargable) batteries to power these without them being huge car batteries?. And of course there is also proper wireing and weather proofing....
I think it would look pretty neat it I could pull it off....
If anyone has suggestions, comments etc, please let me know, as it would be greatly appriciated.

Thanks, Stephen.:beer:

KnightWhoSaysNi 07-08-02 06:48 PM

Things like this or this eat 12V DC so a ni-mh battery pack from any 12v lighting system would be most convenient.

MichaelW 07-09-02 05:00 AM

This glow in the dark bike is so cool:

JaredMcDonley 07-09-02 05:12 PM

HEHEHE it would be nice to have that lighing under my bike but i dont know about the heat that some of those lights make. I have a blue 12V DC light and that thing gets hot! sure would be nice tho.


Anders K 07-10-02 01:53 AM

"First of all, is there actually a generator large enough to produce 12.0v ac from which these lights can be powered?"

I believe Iīve herad that Schmidt is working on a front hub dynamo which will produce 12v, but with slightly more drag then their present 6v dynohub. You can e-mail them in english.

Anders K

unrelated 07-10-02 02:10 AM

Hmmm, you wanted a A.C. generator, then later said that a 12v battery will do too.... I don't know if there is any A.C. battery in the first place.

I have seen people installing car's fog light on their bike with a pretty big battery attached to the frame. I don't know if this is smart to do, but why not?

stephensnow40 07-11-02 06:57 PM

Yeah, I wasn't sure about there being anything other than a 12V DC battery, I was wondering, would some of these nickel- metal hydride battery packs be very expensive? I am assuming also that they can be recharged. Just as long as I can light up the streets where ever I go at night, I'll be happy :) L live in a northern regoin of North America, so I don't think I will have to worry too much about the heat that these lights can give off. I was thinking probably stick with batteries now, rather than trying to install generators because of their possible noise and drag.

chewa 07-12-02 01:40 AM

If we stick neons on bikes, how long will it be before someone puts a hydraulic pump on a FS mtb so they can bounce on the suspension at traffic lights, a la LA lowriders. :)

Maybe that could be a new discipline. Lowriding (need cranks shorter thatn the radius of the chainring tho') :thumbup:

MichaelW 07-12-02 04:39 AM

You guys havent checked out my link (boo hoo)
It's a bike equipped with electro-lumiscenet panals which glow with no heat, and use a reasonably low-power battery source.
I dont rate it for a practical utility bike, but if you want to cruise along and turn heads it is way cool.
Neon tubes have a lot of problems from power to fragility, which ELPs can solve.

stephensnow40 07-12-02 12:57 PM

Cool, thanks MichaelW,

You said that these ELP's are alot easier on power and don't give off heat? I'll need to do some looking around and find out more about them, but if I can still manage to turn some heads with the neon tubes then that would also be great. I was thinking though: if people are able to mount these to the chasis or runnerboards of their cars and trucks, then I am hoping that they have some level of stability against the elements and rough rides. I usually use my MTB for about 60% trail (like crushed flattened gravel) and about 40% street, which is mostly at night.

Oh yeah, I should also meantion that I'm finding that standard MTB tires produce alot of overspray from riding on wet roads; do you guys know some good guards for both wheels that I could look into? I don't know if they're all the same or not....

Thanks again, Stephen

Anders K 07-16-02 11:48 AM


Originally posted by stephensnow40
I was thinking probably stick with batteries now, rather than trying to install generators because of their possible noise and drag.
That was my first reaction to, but then I read about dynamohubs and Schmidt specially. It spins with almost no drag when lights on and in off mode you canīt feel the drag simply because there is nearly no drag at all. The hub is silent. The Shimano dynamo hub has about the same higher drag when lights off as with lights on.

Anders K

stephensnow40 07-17-02 09:47 PM

Yeah, since Dynamo Hubs/Generators seem to be a more permanent sort of installation, which I wouldn't mind, I
would go for them only if I knew I could be better off with them. I did do a little searching for information on these dynohubs, but I was unsuccessful in finding out a whole lot about them, if you guys could help me with pics and what you know about these, it'd be great! Nevertheless, I shall continue my relentless onslaught for more info on my own..

Thanks- Stephen:beer:

Anders K 07-18-02 04:36 AM

OK stephensnow40, here are some of my bookmarks about dynamohubs and Schmidt in particular.

Hope this will help in deciding which lightning system to go for.

Anders K

D*Alex 07-18-02 05:50 AM

As I recall, neon (and other gaseous element) lighs are very voltage sensitive. Filament-type lighting, however, is not. A dynamo or generator would produce a wide range of voltages, which may not be useable by a gas-element light.
I use a Shimano Nexus dynohub, which produces a decent amount of power (6v, .5a AC) to power a halogen Lumotec light. This is sufiecient for anything short of a full-speed night time descent.

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