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Sammyjames 04-27-18 10:51 PM

Can anybody tell me what this old mongoose is?
Im trying to sell my old mongoose bmx, i believe its from around 1980, possibly a supergoose? The serial number is TCAO 267679 tried to upload pictures but wouldnít let me.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

fietsbob 04-28-18 09:16 AM

pictures required

80s mongoose was a different company, than the Wal-goose of today..

McBTC 04-28-18 09:53 AM

That brand dates back to the vintage era of mountain bikes that included Fisher, Diamond Back, Stumpjumper that I think of as being before frame shocks and even fork shocks--early 80s.

Oneder 04-28-18 12:39 PM

Old mountain bikes usually aren't worth much, probably 50-100 bucks at most even if it's in great condition. If it has any good parts on it you are probably better off stripping it.

SkyDog75 04-28-18 02:52 PM

He said BMX, not mountain bike.

I donít keep track of BMX prices, but if itís a 1970s or early Ď80s American-made Mongoose BMX, it has some value.

wesmamyke 04-28-18 02:59 PM

All the early early Mongoose BMX bikes I've seen have the date right on the frame. I think it's on the seatube on a sticker if I recall.

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