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RayOtani 05-20-18 07:14 PM

Help, please!
I somehow managed to get both clips stuck in my Shimano SPD pedals. This has rendered my bicycle unridable and it is my primary source of transportation! Any ideas on how to free my shoes pedals?

McBTC 05-20-18 07:18 PM

twist heel to the outside...

spinnaker 05-20-18 08:04 PM

Are you still in your shoes?

Step 1. Untie or unstrap shoes.

Don't you have a spare pair of platform pedals around? Change them out till you figure this out. Your bike is now rideable.

mcours2006 05-20-18 08:20 PM

I'm going to say this is a troll thread, but it could be a fun one.:D

mcours2006 05-20-18 08:21 PM

On the odd chance that it's not, I'd recommend taking the pedals off and getting new ones.

peugeot mongrel 05-20-18 08:32 PM

Troll or not no matter, to the OP It's easier to get the clips out with your feet in the shoes.

Retro Grouch 05-21-18 01:04 PM

I could see it happening.

All that you have to do is to not screw the clips onto your shoes tightly enough. The clips will rotate with you try to unclip and you can't get at the Allen bolts to unscrew the clips because the pedal is in the way. Also, unless you have a real high threshold of ridicule, you can't take the bike to your LBS for them to figure it out. The only thing that's left is Bike Foruns.

Bike Forums isn't likely to be any help either. The only posters who have experience with that problem will have probably ridicule threshold issues too so they won't want to admit how they solved it.

:) :) :)

Flip Flop Rider 05-21-18 01:11 PM

carry an extra pair of shoes in a backpack. When you get to work, put those on

cyclintom 05-21-18 02:10 PM

This is usually caused by the clips not being attached tightly enough. Since there is a limit to the motion and since you appear to be amateur enough that you have the lower grade Shimano SPD's simply turn the shoes from one limit to another. It may be possible to reach on of the screws through the pedal and tighten it up so that it will twist off.

Next time really make sure that the clips are properly attached. If the steel washer isn't used the pedals will not release because the screws will turn in the clip. But working them back and forth while pulling up to put pressure on the clip will usually release them. If you have cheap shoes cut them off and get descent shoes such as Pearl Izumi soft sole SPD shoes. And make sure that the clips are attached very tightly.

The PD 545 pedals usually have a fairly hard entrance and fairly easy exit. The expensive XT or XTR pedals are easy entrance and hard exit to keep your feet in the pedals on MTB trails.

If you have any additional trouble removing them take it to a bicycle shop. They see enough of these that they can usually pull them out in a minute.

RayOtani 05-27-18 08:47 PM

I was able to pry them off then rode in my street shoes until I saw my
bike fitter who Is the bomb. He informed me that I had the wrong type of cleats all together which contributed to me getting stuck. Changed out my cleats now good to go, I would like to thank those who sincerely tried to help me however. Im now ready to bike from SF to LA next week! :)

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