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Boogs 06-16-05 08:21 PM

I have to say it, for all of the idiots, a***oles, and broken glass, Philly has got some great things going for it for bikes:

Ben Franklin Parkway, Chinatown, Independence Mall - my fav way across town, a nice view of the city coming from the Art Museum down the Parkway, wrap around Ind. Mall to head down to South Philly and my Phil-billy neighbors :p

East/West River Drive - gets a little smoggy in windless rush hours, but is a great way out of Center City in general, truly beautiful... nice people, nice jogger ogling ;)

Forbidden Drive - a little slice of heaven within city limits, great for hybrids and trails for MTB'ers along the way, no cars, really nice people (!)

East Falls, Manyunk, West G-Town, West Mt. Airy, Chesnut Hill - great hilly residential sections for biking

relatively decent drivers - Philadelphians are cocky a***oles, but that's what keeps everyone from yelling and throwing things out of cars - I can't believe some of the stories I hear on these forums, you'd never get by in Philly throwing Coke bottles at people... watch out for NJ drivers though, they suck!

cops - that don't bust your balls for sign/light offences... the bike cops run lights themselves! I wouldn't talk smart to them, though...

weather - that is all over the place, but doesn't stay in extremes for but a short while

me - the coolest cyclist in the US...and some say... the WORLD! :D :rolleyes:

I left out the Valley Forge ride, as I've never done it.

C'mon Philly people, post your rides and high fives!!!!!!!!!

monster173 06-16-05 08:30 PM

Oh my gawd! I grew up riding the hills of Manayunk. What a place to learn to ride (heck of a place to learn to drive too with the hills and narrow streets). In my old neighborhood there's still a cobblestone side street or two. I loved east and west river drive too ...I think they have different names now. thanks for the good memories.


Boogs 06-16-05 08:37 PM

Originally Posted by monster173
I loved east and west river drive too ...I think they have different names now.


Yeah, Kelly Drive, and another one I think for West.... doesn't matter, I refuse to call them anything but East and West River Drive.

And they renamed Delaware Ave. "Christopher Columbus Blvd"? Bet the Native Americans are bloody happy about that one - I know I'm not either, it's on the stupid Delaware! Why change it!?!?!?! :mad:

But, yeah... nice rides. :)

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