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RockiesDad 06-14-18 10:49 AM

A good deal but a funky bracket
My daughter just bought a Fuji Finest 1.0 womens road bike from Performance Bike for commuting and doing a few tri races. She only paid $800 for an AL frame with Shimano 105 components and TRP Spyer mechanical brakes. I thought that was a pretty good deal. But she also got a 30% credit for future purchase with them if you join their club for $30. So she did that and got a $250 credit. Wow, awesome! She will be getting a pump, tire irons, tubes, tools etc for essentially for free. Offer is on till the 24th.

The only thing about her bike though is the rear disc brake mount. It looks like an after thought to just jump on the disc brake bandwagon. Seems like its a bracket with another bracket on top of it to make this caliper fit. What do you folks think? I hope it doesn't crack or anything in the future...

SquidPuppet 06-14-18 11:01 AM

That is called a radially mounted caliper. It is superior to standard 90 degree mounting. It was originally developed on multi million dollar MotoGP racing motorcycles.

base2 06-14-18 11:06 AM

+1 for the TRP Spyres. Probably the best mechanical disk brake around. She got a good deal.

Troul 06-14-18 11:20 AM

if the weldment was cleaner appearing, it'd look more natural. Like the front bosses.

I do like the top mount design. The TREK design makes the cable swing up collecting water in the loop of cable housing. smh at TREK.

Sudovoodoo80 06-14-18 06:09 PM

The second "bracket" you refer to is changeable to adjust disk size. It can be replaced to adjust the caliper in or out for bigger or smaller disks. Is there a size marking on the disk? I had to use one of those on my mountain bike when I upgraded to a bigger disk from the stock 160mm.

CliffordK 06-14-18 07:52 PM

Most of the new bikes are putting the rear brake inside of the rear triangle, which I think is superior for several reasons.
  • Braking force throws the wheel up towards the dropout.
  • Protects the brakes to some extent.
  • Much easier for adding racks and other stuff.
I think the issue on the women's bike is, however, that the rear triangle is too small. To get the brake placed inside of the rear triangle, you would have to curve the rear stays, or build a larger rear dropout. Not too big of an issue, but it would mean a complete re-design of the rear-end.

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