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ModeratedUser 06-21-18 11:32 PM

How does a thread get closed in less than 24 hrs?
Hello all,

Sorry but I'm really not dialed in here, but I posted a thread here just a day ago and was reading the responses and was going to comment on one of them, but I can't! I'm pretty sure anyways. Can someone tell me if the thread is closed and is there a reason for it? Does there have to be a reason for doing so? Or is it just some admin not liking the thread? Is there some guideline somewhere?

wgscott 06-22-18 12:05 AM

Closed due to poor grammar.

avole 06-22-18 12:44 AM

The box in red at the top with the word "Closed" inside implies the thread is, well, closed, and no-one can make further comments.

coffeesnob 06-22-18 04:08 AM

A lot of controversial things are not allowed. Just ask me..

indyfabz 06-22-18 04:28 AM

I am surprised your inane thread lasted as long as it did. If I were a betting man I would say this one won't last as long.

downhillmaster 06-22-18 04:47 AM

That ridiculous thread could not have been closed soon enough imo

blakcloud 06-22-18 04:57 AM

Read the last comment in the thread from the moderator, he/she will tell you why the thread was closed. If you feel it has been in error, then PM the moderator and state your case. They can clean up the unnecessary comments and let the thread continue. It has been done before but the odds are against you. Be respectful in your response, as this goes a long way in your argument. I will agree with downhillmaster on his take on this thread. You convoluted two different themes into one thread that was surely going to go down in flames.

OneIsAllYouNeed 06-22-18 04:59 AM

Letís make a list
There are lots of ways to get a thread closed in 24 hours. Iíll start the list and others can add...
1. Post in the wrong subforum (I.e. general cycling discussion instead of foo).


Milton Keynes 06-22-18 06:46 AM

It was shut down because a moderator (rightly) felt it needed to be. End of discussion.

jefnvk 06-22-18 07:51 AM

This thread has fallen off the rails.

Because that, very rightfully so (assuming it was even on rails to begin with).

Lazyass 06-22-18 08:16 AM

It generally starts with millennial's posting drunk at 1am calling everyone stupid hicks and then the political rants start.

texaspandj 06-22-18 08:26 AM

To answer OP. Basically, anything that will get you elected POTUS will get you banned on BF.
​​​​​​​Also ****.

RonH 06-22-18 08:36 AM

One of our mods, cb400bill, closed the thread. Read the last post in the thread.

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